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    By psteiner
    Feb 20, '05 4:44 PM EST

    So I finally got my site plan finished and AUTOCAD'd, construction can now commence on my "urban chapel" Tomorrow we have progress pin-up. Hopefully it will actually happen, sometimes students and professors at SAIC tend to get very offtrack and we can spiral into "wanderingness". Hopefully I will remember to take pictures of whatever does happen.

    So I have Cindy Coleman as a teacher for my "Professional Practices" lab and I feel alot better about the reality of post-graduation.

    Last week I volunteered at a Lecture where Thom Mayne of Morphosis was speaking. I had planned on staying for the lecture, but by the time we had finsihed checking in all the reservations for the lecture I had had my fill of the Chicago Architecture scene. Trust me, in no way do I want to put Thom Mayne in a bad light, he came across as great person. My problem is with all the crazies who thought they were greater than god and I should be thankful to bask in their presence. I think I'll check out a book re. Mayne and Morphosis and it will be a much better experience....A harsh wake up call is awaiting me after graduation I believe.


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      mr. mayne's architecture encompasses approx. .005% of built work today. while i wouldn't mind hearing what he has to say, and i certainly appreciate his work, i don't think i would be humbled by his presence. i applaud you for realizing that the majority of the people attending his lecture were starchitect wannabes. keep yourself grounded and you'll be fine after graduation.

      btw, i have half a dozen morphosis books from school that have sat on my shelf collecting dust since graduation.
      Feb 20, 05 7:15 pm  · 

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