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    "Knocked my socks off..."

    By psteiner
    Dec 22, '05 1:54 PM EST

    Actually I liked that crap...(what I could imagine Stanley thinking)

    That's what you want to hear from Stanley after your presentation...
    Our group was awesome - we even got Ben Nicholson to start talking about being the Oracle at Delphi...

    Stanley even admitted that he came to the critique that night sure that we were going to fail miserably, but we took him by surprise. Surprised by design I suppose.

    Here we come Dual Design!

    The other two groups (community schools and stroke survivors) had a little tougher time. I think our group was funny enough and distracting enough (we were hoping in and out of boxes) that not too many questions were raised.

    The community schools group went last and got ripped by Stanley...I think it's the curse of going third. That's where our group was last critique. They are proposing a fence project for community schools in Chicago, Stanley had mentioned something earlier in the semester; why not work with a fence? Now that they are it ain't going so well...


    On Monday I went to the final critique for the Advanced Interior Architecture studio at the School of the Art Institute (where I graduated from)

    The program was to design A musuem for Chicago Blues....The entire advanced studio is made up of foreign students...I was really impressed by some of what I saw. It's one thing for me to sit here in the US in studio and design something proposed for a foreign locale...Not only were these students not from Chicago, but who was their critique panal? Chicago Blues magicians...! Ha - talk about being under fire.

    Anyways, it's off to Texas tomorrow. Maybe I'll get to go to Boquillas?

    "fucking williamsburg!!!"


    • Anonymous

      I agree that our group got ripped but to your groups presentation, you pulled that out of your ass and did distract enough to avoid real questions. Like those stated in your mid review and which you never answered. All those "dual design" projects were made using the materials you've received to date. What happens when next month you get totally different material to work with? You haven't set up a system in dealing with the flow of materials, just made stuff with junk you've been given.

      Our community school project is also lacking a system in which to engage our project but I think we'll get there as I'm sure you will too. I know it didn't show in our presentation, but the project is actually GOING well. That is to say it's not done and still in the process of materializing. So to say it ain't going so well pisses me off, but motivates me to work my ass off and not seem like we're the weaker team.

      Dec 22, 05 2:59 pm  · 
      dr. jones

      damn. thats the christmas spirit!
      what i have heard the most about your dual design presentation was that it was cute. and cute like you would violently shake a baby. i also thought it was cute, and generally it was a well rounded presentation. but if we're in the criticism mood... i thought your project lacks substance.
      how are your designs sustainable? the idea is to get excess manufactured material away from landfills and into schools where they are needed. but what are you offering that stops them from putting it back into the trash? do you expect the schools to be using the same desgins over and over. how do you accomidate for change? how do you accomidate for students with other interests? how can your designs be modified by others then yourself?
      what you presented are "nifty" ideas. but where is this all going? what happens when you're not there to design more immediate need based tools?
      i honestly think you guys delimit your capabilities. there is a large issue to address and you "aint" hitting it.

      and one more thing. dont gloat so much when someone is licking your asshole.

      Dec 22, 05 4:53 pm  · 

      I wish I felt comfortable enough to gloat. But I know first-hand that one minute your on top of the world (cue dumb movie line) and the next you're the sworn enemy. My group put in the work, and I am happy with the results. The first time around, we didn't put nearly enough work and it showed, we got ripped.

      I guess my "wonderful personality" and sense of humor are as obvious to everyone. But I know how it is to have everyone expect you to suck - 'cause you were told you suck the first go 'round, that's pretty much what our group was told to our faces.

      I am going to gloat though by way of saying I'm really proud of myself and my group for coming together. At times I seriously doubted that we would. I am extremely happy with the results. We gave enough details to get advice, but so much that everything we're doing could be criticized. There's no point in showing all our cards if we don't have to yet.

      And don't worry Rafael - I am not saying that your group isn't going well, I am saying that Stanley setting you guys up (as I see it) isn't going so well. It sucks - I know.
      Breathe in Breathe out folks - it's not that big of a deal.

      Dec 22, 05 6:01 pm  · 
      vado retro

      there aint nothin in chicago for a monkey woman to do...

      Dec 22, 05 6:33 pm  · 

      anytime you do what the professor suggests you are being setup. so who really had the lips pressed firmly against stanley's brown eye?

      Dec 22, 05 9:49 pm  · 
      dr. jones

      ps. i dont recall stanley suggesting to do the fence.

      Dec 23, 05 9:39 am  · 

      I would agree that stanley setting us up wasn't going so well. If in fact he would have set us up.

      The first project our group chose to tackle was from our work as a group. If anything, we were defending it from stanley's criticisms at first. He wanted a mobile something or other. But it's not his project, it's ours and I think our concept, as a design problem is great. We did humor him when later he suggested to "engage the fence". But as far as setting us up? You've got to be kidding me....quit sketching in class and pay attention if your going to be commenting. Cuz you know what? It is a big deal to me. I wouldn't be spending my time and money there if what I was doing wasn't a big deal.


      Dec 23, 05 12:57 pm  · 

      calling dr. jones calling dr. jones

      Dec 24, 05 6:03 pm  · 

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