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    Stanley Tigerman's Storytime...

    By psteiner
    Oct 24, '05 1:46 PM EST

    So, during last week's debate which dealt with the title: "Hebraic Thought Compared with Greek" the majority of the time was spent listening to Stanley's stories...
    First off he compared one group with the golf balls from the movie Tin Cup...
    The other stories consisted of : AIDS Patients, working in his Office, a trip to Japan and a baseball game (the Japanese team was better), and a story about co-founder Eva Maddox. There were more but I lost track...

    Of course our group failed to win the favor once again. I don't think any of us actually care about the "winning", it's just frustrating to put alot effort into an excercise and realize it wasn't really necessary...

    Tomorrow's paper needs to deal with "goodness" I am going to try my hardest to fit cannibalism in somehow. I watched a really interesting show on cannibalism on the History channel last week, lots of ethical implications there...

    Last week we also had a talk with Thomas/Tommy/Tom Hirsch. I was really impressed with his Fair housing, and accessibility work. I'll post more on that later.

    This Wednesday we have our midterm/first critique of our projects. My group is plowing ahead, we have a nice little prototype made, I'll post pics of it soon. That's all for now. Here's some words of wisdom:

    There is no "I" in "TEAM" (as Stanley pointed out last week)
    There is a "ME" (my humble observation...)

    here's a pic of one of our proto-types...


    • b3tadine[sutures]

      and Meat is also in Team...meat is high in protein and there is an i in protein.

      Oct 24, 05 2:02 pm  · 

      from Team - to Meat - to Protein - to I - to I eat Meat - to I eat my Team - to Cannibalism...

      I think I jsut wrote my paper


      Oct 24, 05 3:43 pm  · 

      pamela, i think you're on to something...;)

      Oct 24, 05 4:56 pm  · 

      as long as the meat isn’t kosher, it all good. so do you have a description for the prototype?

      Oct 25, 05 9:31 am  · 

      the prototype is the idea of cardboard (large supply of available material) stool for a school setting. Our first interviews from teachers have given responses that organization and a claim to "personal" space is one of the largest issues facing them.

      I had no idea Gehry was ever into cardboard furniture, but he made some interesting forms before he stopped production. SO I started looking around the internet ( and here we are. THe prototype is quite a bit more angular than the idea, but cardboard doesn't always cooperate.


      Oct 25, 05 9:49 am  · 

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