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    Here we go...

    By psteiner
    Aug 16, '05 12:53 AM EST

    Acheworks via The School of the Art Institute...
    So, I got accpeted to Archeworks and school starts about the second week of September. We have an overnite orientation/retreat in Indiana before hand to figure out projects and stuff. I am really excited and looking forward to moving beyond the circle of art school, and "design-field people" that I've been surrounding myself with for the last 4 years. There should me an interesting mix of students...I do know that one student is a PhD in Religion...

    It's time to get out and work with the rest of the world...although I would say working at Border's has put me in intouch with quite a variety...


    bytheway: as graduation gifts I gave out a few "Architecture Sucks" t-shirts to my friends. I love wearing that shirt around Chicago...such venomous looks!


    • Tom Denney

      Especially if you happen to walk past one of those architecture tours downtown on a saturday or sunday morning. One docent actually stopped me and offered to let me join the tour for free if I agreed to keeping my mind open enough to changing my opinion. When I told her I was an architecture student at I.I.T. she asked why i was wearing the shirt then...I responded: "Cause it does sux! That's why I'm in change it."

      They havn't beaten the idealist out on me yet.

      Aug 22, 05 10:47 pm  · 

      congratulations on your acceptance to archeworks. tell molly, stephanie, cara, eva and stanley hi for me. i am an archeworks alumnus who now attends sci-arc and am currently in the community outreach design/build program here. archeworks is a great place to learn a different side of design that is often ignored. good luck.

      Aug 26, 05 4:48 pm  · 

      Congratulations, Pamela!
      It's so cool to see Archeworks under the list of school blogs... somewhat of a surprise.:)
      So, I regret to inform you that I'll be one of your classmates this coming year.
      I guess I'll see ya the retreat in less than a week.

      until then,

      Sep 2, 05 9:45 am  · 

      no regrets yet- we haven't even started school yet! I am in Houston right now visiting family and helping with the relief effort, bringing donations and stuff. See you next week.

      Sep 3, 05 12:09 am  · 

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