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    And the Milk Jug emerges...

    By psteiner
    Mar 9, '05 8:57 PM EST

    So I took the milk jug out from the mold after a short kinda looks "frakenstein-ish"


    besides that, nothing much studio as usual. Except that I tried to fly down the stairs at the Field Museum and am now on crutches, with a fancy medical boot an brace. Too cool for school...-pamela


    • Darren Hodgson

      Is it me or does that look like its made of chocolate...

      Mar 10, 05 3:30 am  · 

      It's not just you, it looks like chocolate

      Mar 10, 05 6:20 am  · 

      Why are you casting chocolate milk jugs, and what do they have to do with architecture?

      Mar 10, 05 12:09 pm  · 
      Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke


      Mar 10, 05 3:39 pm  · 
      psteiner's not made out of chocolate, but it could be. It's made out of foundry wax. Why am I casting milk jigs? Because I am in the coolest class ever...mold making and casting class that is. What does it have to do with architecture? Absolutely nothing, except that I am an architecture student and this is my only "non-architecure" needless to say I look forward to it every week. Don't get me wrong, I live and breathe architecture, but like the ARCHINECT T-SHIRT says, "Architecture Sucks" and it's really nice to get away from it for a while. If that means Milk Jugs for me, then I'll take it.

      Mar 10, 05 8:24 pm  · 
      Mason White

      the real question is what is it doing in your fridge ...
      is it that timeless old wax-chocolate-milk-jug roommate gag?

      Mar 11, 05 12:59 am  · 

      good stuff psteiner, fun to share in you jug making experience!

      and to try and wind you up further, why are you not making it out of chocolate?

      Mar 11, 05 7:24 am  · 
      Darren Hodgson

      I know you Americans like your chocolate milk, so why not make it a uber chocolate experience. It certainly would be a wonderful take on sustainability, drink the milk, eat the container...

      Mar 11, 05 7:27 am  · 

      mmmm....chocolate. To make it out of chocolate (that's edible) I would have had to buy the expensive dental plaster to make the original mold in. I am too cheap for that. And I would've needed alot, the final plaster mold weighed in at over 20 pounds...I've been putting all my wax creations i the fridge recently so I am sure they have sompletly hardened...I had a few too many accidents with molten wax, I learned my lesson sort of.

      Mar 11, 05 8:32 am  · 
      vado retro

      there was a magazine called juggs once. but it had nothing to do with architecture.

      Mar 11, 05 4:22 pm  · 
      David Cuthbert

      no vado but there was the occassional chocolate in that magazine

      Mar 14, 05 8:04 am  · 

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