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    welcome to the bible...

    By psteiner
    Sep 17, '05 1:25 AM EST

    ...via Stanley Tigerman's Ethics class. Our design group needs to respond to a paper Stanley has written regarding the treatment of MASS and SPACE within religious context...the goal is to WIN. I won't reveal our game plan until after the results are given...

    Our project "Tools for Schools" is moving along. Sometimes I feel like we're playing ping-pong with our heads...I was the note taker last week(and have a bad feeling I am going to be the note-taker for good) and trying to follow the conversation from underpriviliged schools, to Frank Gehry, to Martha Stewart, to Oprah's World Domination Schedule...was taxing

    We are hoping to visit some schools here in Chicago, possibly the ACE Charter School. Also some of our group may be heading to Cincinatti (sp?) to visit the Crayons 2 Computers program...

    Anyone in the Chicago area have kids in Chicago Public Schools? Anyone care to take me on a tour?!

    I will try to get some pictures to liven up this blog...I know my group members and facilitators are reading this every now and then and I don't want to come off too bland...

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    • santino

      try mayo, wells or attucks elementary schools on the south side, just walk in and talk to the principal and then you’ll realize the state of public schools. this website should help you out, use the school locator-
      and don’t forget to take a pic of the koolhaus as you train by it.

      Sep 25, 05 11:01 am  · 

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