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    Stanley said he has become Jaundiced...

    By psteiner
    Mar 4, '06 1:58 PM EST

    ...With Archeworks.
    That aside, things went really well. Our group ABC'd our presentation and I'm sure some people didn't like it, but at least was different, we stood out in that respect. We really ended up with a good dialogue after our presentation. Stanley was telling Victor Margolin that he was wrong, and Ben Nicholson was in the middle of it I think trying to bridge between the two. He said we need to pay attention to the entire world that is in the stutterings, the silences the (...).

    Stanley said that our project was the best in the 12 years of Archeworks, I personally take that with a grain of salt. I've said it before, he can be your best friend one minute and the next take your head off. Our group is really excited to do our own thing though, right now it feels like we could re-write Archeworks..we kinda told them that in our presentation too.

    In our presentation, M was for Mimic...and once one person gave the feedback that we should write a book, (even though we never said anything about a book); we actually said we were writing letters ("Letters from Young Activists"). But soon as the idea of a book was presented EVERYONE started talking books to all the groups.

    The Community school group had a really nice line in their presentation that I liked. They described their fence project as, "Creating a space for Word of Mouth" To me, that was really interesting way to put it. There wasn't a huge blow up spitting match like there was last critique, which we are all thankful for (too much tension). Their proposal is to be built of wood, that caused Ben Nicholson to suggest lighting it on fire, the beauty of seeing it burn, destruct...I don't think that was their idea though.

    The group working with Stroke patients has changed direction, and what they're doing now is really cool. Too bad we don't have more time. They are working on creating a lefthanded camera, most stroke patients have use of their left hands and there really aren't cameras for left handed people, or a camera to be used by someone with a physical disability. This idea came out of their starting a PhotoVoice project; a community project.

    I really didn't agree at all with Victor Margolin's comment after the presentation that they shouldn't even waste their time continuing on the design of the camera b/c they aren't camera designers. I say that's the exact reason they should be designing the camera. It takes an outsider to complete the entire design equation. Why should we leave it up to the camera designers to design cameras for people with disabilities if they haven't done it yet?!

    Well, I guess that's about it. I'm sure I'm leaving out some wonderful comments, but I'm going to be late for work.

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    • Marlin

      a note: stanley lectured at sciarc last week. Very early on in my academics i dismissed his work for purely formal reasons (sciarc anyone?). His lecture made me ralize i overlooked the greater aspects of his practice, and Archeworks. So, i reengaged his work and practice, and reread your blog.
      Its interesting, the ways passing reads of your blog backgrounded stanleys lecture, and again how much context his lecture has added to a reread of your entries. I enjoyed them both.


      Mar 14, 06 7:35 pm  · 

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