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    I'm not sketching, I'm taking notes...and Jesus plays hide-and-seek.

    By psteiner
    Feb 1, '06 8:33 PM EST

    This is a picture from a lawn in my hometown in Texas...I had no idea Jesus had such a playful side.
    There's been alot going on with my group's work here at Archeworks. We're trying to protoype as much as possible as quickly as possible 'cause we are heading into the classrooms in a few weeks. We need as much crap as possible to throw at these kids and see what happens...

    I have been breathing in way too many rubber cement fumes over the past few days, too much cut and paste. Making these items:
    We as a group have tossed around the idea of making some sort of school tool that is so big you could wrap up a small child in it. I think the teachers would appreciate it.

    I went to a student project viewing at the Graham Foundation tonight. It was students from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, school of Architecture and Urban Planning. Their project was titled "Dialogue + Heritage: Contradiction?" and was to theoretically relocate the Graham Foundation to the first and second floors of the Rookery in downtown Chicago.

    It was funny, while I was waiting for the talk to being it took all of 30 seconds for someone to go off on a M-I-E-S tangent...The studio instructor went on during the brief talk to explain that this was the first time dealing with the "Interior Architecture" for this mix of advanced undergrad and grad students..."They wouldn't know a Barcelona chair if they tripped over it!" (His quote) But on their materials and furniture boards there were pieces of Mies, Breuer, and Corbu...

    Overall it was interesting, but the presentation format was uniform for all groups and really constricted what a viewer was able to get out of the boards except for some fancy graphics. Nice fancy graphics, but I wish each group could have explained their approach as part their presentation boards.

    I know I need to get out more (to non-arch) functions when I start contemplating what this situation would be like if Stanley Tigerman, or Ben Nicholson were wandering through the crowd...Fucking Williamsburg...stroke...

    Eva Maddox's Future Studies class is going well. So far we've covered Utopia, U.S. Public Education, and Tech/Cyberspace. I am still getting my head around how to approach with Eva's "futurist" thinking, but at the very least it's 100 times different from Stanley's class.

    That's it for now.

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    • myriam

      I'd be interested in hearing more on her thoughts on US Public Education.

      Feb 2, 06 9:27 am  · 

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