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    I was having a conversation with the drafting dots...

    By psteiner
    Apr 26, '05 1:12 AM EST

    Yes, I know I have been missing for so long. So here's a slight explanation of what's been going on:

    earlier this month I installed work at the MaxMara store on Michigan Ave. as part of the ArtWindows's some pics of that. Lunch anyone?





    Last week I started pouring urethane for my Mold making and casting final project. Alot of milk cartons.... here's the first go at it.



    then this week and last week I've been rendering and AutoCadding like crazy...I will not be an autocad monkey, I will not be an autocad monkey, I will not be an autocad monkey... (repeat daily for best results)



    -we also need to make an artist's book of our final design/presentation for possible inclusion in our artist's book library here at how the 2 weeks will fly by.

    also last week I got to see alot of dead animals, but I didn't take pictures of that. At my internship at the Field Museum I wanted to see "behind the scenes" so I went to see the Animal research labs...did you know:
    -they use carcass beetles to clean the skeletons of the animals they've skinned and need to study? the beetles do a much better job than people could (by hand or by boiling) very interesting, and very rank.
    -there was also a pelican from 1885 sitting there...kinda crusty looking.

    Two more weeks until final crit, that means about 5 weeks until I leave for Texas...finally. Then come back here (Chicago) find a job, live happily ever after.


    • guiggster

      What do some of the other lunch bags say?

      Apr 26, 05 2:22 am  · 

      hey dude, i did the same water colours at school....but at mexico city!!! weird, is there "perspective drawing teachers school"??? hahahaha maybe ur and mine went to the same one...anyways, cheers

      Apr 26, 05 9:08 am  · 

      I had Jack Hanna at University of Houston for design drawing...but they're not watercolors. It's marker on trace, much less messy and alot quicker...I highly recommend it

      Apr 26, 05 10:08 am  · 

      wow awesome drawings. were they renderings? what medium are they in?

      Apr 26, 05 9:00 pm  · 

      nevermind..! i just saw the rest of the comments

      Apr 26, 05 9:01 pm  · 

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