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    ...and here we are

    By psteiner
    Sep 11, '05 8:43 PM EST


    So studio and class begin this week. Here's a recap of the overnight retreat/orientation that took place last week.

    There are about 20 of us or so...I didn't get an exact count; and there's a really excellent mix of people from all different backgrounds. There are of course the design backgrounds, but also present are students from:
    Graphic Design,
    Social Theory,
    Environmental Design,
    Environmental Studies,
    English Lit,

    The three projects for this year are:

    -Design of Products for Stroke Survivors for Improved Work and Home Life

    -Design of Ideal Chicago Community School Prototype

    -Design of a "Tools for School" Store

    I am in the "Tools for School" Store project. I specifically chose this project for the reason that it isn't an obvious architecture issue...I felt I would be apt to fall into comfortable routines in going for the other projects. I've been in an arch/inarch bubble for the last four years and this is great chance to burst it.

    Our group took a night to agree to disagree (what do expect from a group of 6 people with 6 entirely different backgrounds? I have no claim to knowledge of Instructional Technology...but someone in my group does...) and then started the next day really cracking down and realizing: while our project doesn't have an obvious structural answer, we are now designers and there was a design question to answer...which I feel we have a good start on.

    -first studio is tomorrow night, and first class is tuesday so alot more will come in after this first week.

    I am a designer - You are a teacher - What can I do for you? - What can we do for them?

    *I also have a very guilty desire to hand out "architecture sucks"
    t-shirts to all of the non-arch background students. Just to get off on the right foot before the year that so wrong?

    **I also submitted a proposal to ISEA 2006 competition over the summer and should know something as far as yes or no by the end of this month.

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    • mad+dash

      interesting projects...I'll definitely check your blog often.

      Sep 11, 05 9:26 pm  · 

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