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    SPRING BREAK WOO-HOO!!!! all two days of it...

    By psteiner
    Mar 24, '05 11:51 PM EST

    Um yeah...good ol' SAIC has given us two whole days of Spring Break, Thursday and Friday. I better slow down and not spend my fun time all in one place...I went to a cool concert last night at some little hole in the wall at Division and Milwaukee, when I can figure out what their name was I'll post it b/c they were really great.

    Then tonight I stumbled across this website: WoosterCollective
    I seriously think architects need to promtote their art like this...Street Architecture, I can see it now.

    What else? Try this link too, Crooked Fingers
    awesome music AND they'll be playing at Abbey Pub here in Chicago on April 6th..anyone up for an ArchiConcert event? I wanna go...

    I am model building all weekend, I 'll post pictures of the eventual result.
    Good luck with life-

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