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  • Architecture is dead.

    Nicholas Ng
    Sep 22, '04 10:57 PM EST

    Cliche. Or is it? During yesterday's studio on our aviary project, this cliche subject that architecture/design is dead came up to me when student X was presenting. In student "X's" idea, X wanted to create a virtual aviary instead of a physical structure. Is X taking the easy way out on design?... View full entry

  • Picture time.

    Nicholas Ng
    Sep 15, '04 9:50 PM EST

    So...back to class again. I thought I start off with some pictures this time. Here's where I work during the day. With a view of the Boston Common.And here's the view of the Common. With the Boston Public Garden on the left. And a couple of hours later, here's what happening at the BAC.There's an... View full entry

  • The Day After

    Nicholas Ng
    Sep 7, '04 11:57 PM EST

    The day after labour day holiday, oh so peaceful, no more moving traffic during the weekends, no more mattresses on top of cars blocking my view or worried that it'll fly off the car-roof at 60mph. This is Boston. Every year students with or without their parents make use of the holiday to help... View full entry

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