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  • Happy New Year!

    Nicholas Ng
    Dec 30, '08 7:42 PM EST

    I just want to take this opportunity and wishes every archinecters a very Happy New Year! 2009 will be a challenge (a good challenge at least) for me and just can't wait to ring in the new year.

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  • Thesis Seminar Open House

    Nicholas Ng
    Nov 18, '08 9:18 AM EST

    Yesterday's event was very well received. Feedbacks were generally good, there were some critical ones but overall, it gave me something to think about on my way home. Here are some shots from the event yesterday. View full entry

  • Thesis Seminar Exhibit : Monday 17 November @ 7pm

    Nicholas Ng
    Nov 16, '08 11:18 PM EST

    It’s been a while since I lasted posted here but things have been going okay lately. The economy has not fare well with the architecture industry and things don’t seem to look good in the long run. The one good thing about working in the industry while in school is, you get to see a... View full entry

  • Green Urbanism: Regenerating the Post-Industrial City

    Nicholas Ng
    Sep 30, '08 9:48 PM EST

    For those who are interested and in the Boston area, the BAC is hosting a lecture by Steffen Lehmann, PhD on sustainable cities and design work carried out by his students. October 9 (Thursday) 6PM 955 Boylston Street/Boylston Hall Steffen Lehmann is Professor of Architecture at the University of... View full entry

  • Thesis Blog

    Nicholas Ng
    Sep 18, '08 10:05 PM EST

    I recently setup a new blog where I'll be posting my progress and journey into my final thesis project. I'm not sure if I'll be double posting on archinect but my external blog is still an experiment at the moment and depending on the stats and how well it'll grow on its own, I'll probably only... View full entry

  • First Week

    Nicholas Ng
    Sep 5, '08 3:15 PM EST

    Well, vacation is officially over! Compare to the other schools around the area, I'm not sure why the BAC classes begins so early in the term, and it ends later too! In either case, I'm happy to be in a Thesis prep class this semester, as it means I'm getting close to graduation each day... View full entry

  • Taking a vacation!

    Nicholas Ng
    May 8, '08 12:02 AM EST

    Gosh, where to start indeed. For the past 5 years, I have been working non-stop, juggling between work and school is no fun at all. There are times where I wonder what a real architecture school-studio experience is like. Its hard to actually explain the situation here at the BAC, till you really... View full entry

  • Old News at WSJ

    Nicholas Ng
    May 9, '07 10:35 PM EST

    This may be old news to some, but I only found this out today. Wasn't even sure if the story was going to be published. Surprise! It has been a really nice week in Boston. Fabulous! However, only 2 more weeks till the semester and I only have... View full entry

  • sketch or drawing?

    Nicholas Ng
    Apr 17, '07 10:30 PM EST

    A very simple question. What would you consider the image above to be? A sketch or drawing and why? View full entry

  • +03 Day trip

    Nicholas Ng
    Dec 3, '06 2:24 AM EST

    Can't believe the year is coming to and end. I have no updates on the projects I've been dealing with in the past few weeks as I myself do not know what's going on as well. However, with that said, I was quite fortunate to be able to take some time off to clear my mind. Here are just a few shots... View full entry

  • +02 Comment, controversy and bluntness

    Nicholas Ng
    Oct 12, '06 11:58 PM EST

    "Deep breath" ... 6 weeks into the semester, and I'm exhausted and frustrated. I'm exhausted with work and I'm frustrated with school work. There are times I question myself whether this is such a good idea or not. Well, studio have been going okay. Still not particularly pleased with some of the... View full entry

  • +01 a new beginning

    Nicholas Ng
    Sep 14, '06 10:44 AM EST

    a new semester and a new beginning. this time around i think i'll be doing something different on the blog. raising questions and expressing points of view are much more interesting than posting my works. i'll still be posting some process along the way that'll relate to the stuff i do in school... View full entry

  • Orange, birds, bees and everything else

    Nicholas Ng
    May 8, '06 9:21 PM EST

    I had my final studio presentation earlier. Oh so tired after all these weeks, but I thought my effort paid off. I was happy with the stuff I was able to collect and compile, however, I myself find that there's a lot more to work one which I'm not so happy about, but overall the project went well... View full entry

  • Transformation Stage

    Nicholas Ng
    Apr 14, '06 2:12 AM EST

    In response to my studio on domesticity and issues on migration, I was able to participate in the immigration march and rally held in Boston recently. Here are some of pictures I took during that day. It was an interesting experience, a certain connection with my studio thesis on the metamorphosis... View full entry

  • Broken Memories

    Nicholas Ng
    Mar 5, '06 1:32 AM EST

    My first project for studio is based upon memories and dwelling. The 'theme' for this studio is about creating domestic architecture or rather mobile architecture, something that we can apply to the events of Katrina. More will be discussed further into the semester as it's still pretty vague... View full entry

  • Life

    Nicholas Ng
    Mar 4, '06 1:10 AM EST

    Here's what I've been up to for the past six months... View full entry

  • Almost there ...

    Nicholas Ng
    Feb 27, '06 9:34 PM EST

    Life's always full of surprises. Since last fall, I've found a new job at a new firm, my global student body group is slowly starting up with ... finally people in it! (for those without the know, i'm beginning to build up our long lost "international" student body group at the BAC. it's actually... View full entry

  • Thousand apologies...

    Nicholas Ng
    Dec 11, '05 12:10 AM EST

    Sorry about the "abandonment" of this blog for the past semester. I wasn't taking any studio classes this fall and didn't quite want to bore everyone with stories on history, structures and programming. Anyway, will be submitting my portfolio for review and the end of the semester, if I pass, and... View full entry

  • Summer Vacation

    Nicholas Ng
    Jul 1, '05 7:06 AM EST

    Well, summer's warming up. Will be back with some vacation pictures from Paris. Till then everyone, have a good 4th and enjoy the weather! PS: From the new redesign on the WTC, architecture seems to be taking a big step down the pit hole. What a shame... View full entry

  • School With No Design Theory

    Nicholas Ng
    Mar 23, '05 3:37 PM EST

    This post is a response to a discussion made on the main board. I suggest anyone who is interested in applying to the BAC to take a tour around the school and talk to students there. One insider tip, don't waste your time with the so called 'student body'-the Atelier. Anyway, I have nothing... View full entry

  • a love-hate relationship with ...

    Nicholas Ng
    Feb 21, '05 10:26 PM EST

    washington-dc and new york. i've stayed in dc for 2 years and visited new york more than 10 times now. going back to dc didn't change my relationship with her. it always have been a love-hate relationship between the 2 of us. as for new york, i'm still in a transtitional state with her, unsure of... View full entry

  • Will be back soon ...

    Nicholas Ng
    Feb 18, '05 5:49 PM EST

    This president's day weekend I'll be going down to DC, checking out the new Native American Museum, hanging out with some friends and then heading up to New York for the Gates. Will report back soon. Cheers! View full entry

  • Celebrating the Year of the Rooster-:>

    Nicholas Ng
    Feb 9, '05 5:36 PM EST

    "Gong Xi Fa Cai" to all who celebrate this joyous day Took the day off work today, got some dim sum early in the morning, just had dinner ah...and now back to class. uggh.... Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year everyone! View full entry

  • Spring's least for this weekend

    Nicholas Ng
    Feb 5, '05 12:23 PM EST

    Remnants from the last blizzard are still piled up high in most streets here in Boston. However, temperature seems to be rising up to the 40s this weekend, hopefully it'll all melt away. Maybe preparation for the next blizzard, since we are getting another 6 weeks of winter? (according to Phil)... View full entry

  • Final project a blob?

    Nicholas Ng
    Dec 17, '04 12:12 AM EST

    12/16 The day for our final review from guest critics. Today is the day, and I learnt a few things from our critics, not so much on my project but architecture itself as a whole. A brief on the project: The newsstand at Harvard Square. I decided in my project took out the newsstand and created a... View full entry

  • 2 more weeks left!!!! Aaah..

    Nicholas Ng
    Dec 2, '04 12:20 AM EST

    14 more days till final review for studio and I haven't done a thing yet!!! View full entry

  • Yard and Square?

    Nicholas Ng
    Nov 7, '04 10:15 PM EST

    After a rough week we all had, I thought I put all my attention to my studio project. A brief sypnosis on this project: to redesign/replace the newsstand (Out of Town News) at Harvard Square. There's no restriction to replace or keep the existing subway entrance. However, the subway needs to be... View full entry

  • A Rough Week

    Nicholas Ng
    Nov 4, '04 10:14 PM EST

    So the election's over-who knows what the "new" administration has to offer. Anyway-the past 2 weeks have been rough-with the elections, mid-term reviews, work, death, etc., life have been pretty busy. But was it enough? Is the outcome/result satisfied? I do not know. Here's a look at my... View full entry

  • 48 hours?

    Nicholas Ng
    Oct 13, '04 12:55 AM EST

    Ah...why don't we have 48 hours in a day? This past Columbus weekend felt so short, though I had the day off work, I have tons of stuff to do for my studio class. Juggling between work and school is a pain, you need to keep both in balance. Well, more updates on my studio later in the next week... View full entry

  • Fall

    Nicholas Ng
    Oct 6, '04 12:53 AM EST

    Ah...Fall has officially arrived in Boston today. The foliage should be at its peak this week up north. Wish I could take the break and go up for the long weekend. However, studio have been keeping me busy, frustrated, annoyed that I can't even solve a problem or make a decision to steps I've... View full entry

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