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    Thesis Seminar Exhibit : Monday 17 November @ 7pm

    Nicholas Ng
    Nov 16, '08 11:18 PM EST

    It’s been a while since I lasted posted here but things have been going okay lately. The economy has not fare well with the architecture industry and things don’t seem to look good in the long run. The one good thing about working in the industry while in school is, you get to see a lot of the dark side of the profession not visible when you’re working on your project in studio. Having worked at 2 different firms for 4 years, I know my experience is limited, but with the position I was at for the past 2 years, I doubt that I see architecture in the near future. It’s a tough profession, and there are so many setbacks one has to take for an idea to get through.

    But not to weigh down on bad news, thesis is going well and my panels for the exhibit tomorrow is done and printed, ahead of time, which give me a nice break before the big one in a few weeks. The boards are posted above and for those who’ve visited my site, a full resolution can be found there at


    • tomboessel

      I can't find your name on these presentation boards. I saw them posted in the Mass ave. building, but I couldn't find your name on it. I knew I recognized it from somewhere.

      Feb 4, 09 8:30 pm

      ha! I know. stupidly enough, i forgot to put in my name when i was laying the boards out.

      Feb 12, 09 9:52 am

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