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    A Rough Week

    Nicholas Ng
    Nov 4, '04 10:14 PM EST

    So the election's over-who knows what the "new" administration has to offer.

    Anyway-the past 2 weeks have been rough-with the elections, mid-term reviews, work, death, etc., life have been pretty busy.

    But was it enough? Is the outcome/result satisfied? I do not know. Here's a look at my analysis-masterplan on the aviary project that I have been working on for the past eight weeks and one that I completely twisted for my own pleasure.











    So there you have it. My plan for an aviary at the Harvard Arnold Arboretum (Jamaica Plain) Boston. Next project coming up, News-Stand at Harvard Square.


    • silly question, what font is that? looks good, i like the depth of the analysis. what are the comments from your teacher?

      Nov 5, 04 2:03 am

      looks like Franklin Gothic, I could be wrong though, I often am

      Nov 5, 04 3:03 pm

      Thanks. The comments they gave were pretty good. The analysis is very thoughtful, in-depth..etc. Of course the only problem I had was I did not have time to fully develop my building plans (which I didn't post), the was the only problem.

      That is Helvetica Neue Light and Bold by the way.

      Nov 5, 04 5:08 pm
      badass japanese cookie

      much love for the helvetica neue family of fonts. it's my favorite too. sorry- i'm not an architecture student (yet) but what does Explosive-Analysis mean?

      Nov 7, 04 10:14 pm

      Explosive-Anlaysis is just something I made up. Not a technical term of any sort, in case you're wondering.

      The reason behind this is my explosion of the existing rigid connection between the 6 gateways. Also, trying to differentiate between the 2 different analysis I did.

      Nov 7, 04 10:41 pm
      Tom Denney

      Look-up the new campus center on the I.I.T. campus by Koolhaas. Rem used it as a design program for our student center design. It doesn't work.

      Nov 9, 04 8:10 am

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