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    Old News at WSJ

    Nicholas Ng
    May 9, '07 10:35 PM EST

    This may be old news to some, but I only found this out today. Wasn't even sure if the story was going to be published. Surprise!

    It has been a really nice week in Boston. Fabulous! However, only 2 more weeks till the semester and I only have a plan drawn for me final review!! Aargh! And I have a deadline for work the same week as my final review!!! Why, oh why do my schedules have to clash with each other?



    • Entasis79

      Congrats on the mention in the WSJ!!! Very cool!
      I feel for you. I will be in the same boat very soon. I will be entering the Masters program at the BAC this Fall.
      I wanted to see if I could pose a few questions to you about your experiences with the BAC. Would I be able to email you?

      May 11, 07 12:17 pm

      Yea, you can shoot me an email anytime.

      May 12, 07 9:04 am

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