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    Orange, birds, bees and everything else

    Nicholas Ng
    May 8, '06 9:21 PM EST

    I had my final studio presentation earlier. Oh so tired after all these weeks, but I thought my effort paid off. I was happy with the stuff I was able to collect and compile, however, I myself find that there's a lot more to work one which I'm not so happy about, but overall the project went well.

    As for the crit and review earlier today, I'm always a bit upset when critics only gives out mediocre comments. I really wouldn't mind some harsh critique-do this, do that, take that off, that looked awful, it shouldn't even be in there or even you should take that off the wall and bin it. At least I'll learn from those comments and complain about that bastard who trashed my project. Anyway, maybe I didn't give them too much information about my thought process or maybe I'm crazy or just really tired. I'm happy all of this is over, now back to work WORK!*sound of whip*

    Here are the boards I presented and some pics from the crit.






    These are pics of works from my peers.

    A brief of this project was to design a prototype for dwelling of migration and a migrant community based on ideas of memories. My main concept was metamorphosis as relation to the fragments of events a migrant faced from day to day living and its secular evolution in life that creates our personality, how we solve daily issues in life etc. Dwelling is the place that hides and protect us during this period of transformation.

    Oh, I appreciate those who read my blog, and who would have thought that people do actually read them! Thanks!

    Since the semester is over, it'll be a while till I post again. I'll going back to Malaysia in July and might stop by Istanbul for a break. So till then, have a great and wonderful summer everyone!


    • Helsinki

      Same to you, same to you - have a good trip & vacation.

      I'm a bit surprised - I think I saw Hansy Better in the pictures and she can be quite vocal in crits. I like her, don't take me wrong, but she has the ability to shoot-a-lot-and-hit-and-miss with something like 50/50 accuracy. Should make for an interesting crit. If she is not trying to impress the other critics with a more subdued and "thoughtfull" approach, that is. Had her as a studio instructor at RISD and she totally gave the word discipline a new meaning. Loved it.

      May 30, 06 2:06 am

      wow. is that bespectactled man Billy Joel?

      Jul 5, 06 2:33 pm

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