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  • Robotic Arm Fabrication

    Thom Boessel
    Dec 16, '10 11:17 PM EST

    Our intention for the coffee table is to successful replicate a module, based on Evan Douglis's Displaycase Membrane. We were looking at how a hot wire could excavate foam without milling. We didn't want a long insubstantial mass, so we looked at how we could provide variety to the table top. This is that exploration. Moving forward, I think we could move from a radial hot wire - to a linear hot wire cutter that can take a profile and stretch it out.

    Diagram of cuts Hot Wire Radial

    Robotic Arm Radial Foam Cutter

    Robotic Arm Attachment

    The idea of this hot wire cutter is to have the ability to reach behind the material to create super amorphic shapes. Unlike a router attachment that can only affect the surface, and has a difficult time reaching behind material. The advantage of a kinetic hot wire, is that you can expand and contract the wire, which will change the overall shape of the hotwire. The rigidity of a flat wire allows the contraction of the shape to return to its initial destination.

    Diagram of Kinectic Hot Wire

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  • Life Center in Needham, MA

    Thom Boessel
    Dec 16, '10 11:06 PM EST

    The Life Center in Needham, MA seeks to create a more vibrant downtown - shopping, eating, art, and theatre. The site is situated on what is now Greene’s Field Park. This park has defined the boundary of the Urban and Suburban since its inception by the Greene’s’ in 1989. The... View full entry

  • Life Center Diagrams & Massing

    Thom Boessel
    Nov 3, '10 11:15 AM EST

  • Life Center in Needham, MA

    Thom Boessel
    Oct 21, '10 2:39 PM EST

    The site is situated on what is now Greene's Field Park. The town has been in debate the past twenty years on whether or not to fund a senior center in Needham, MA. What has made the debate even worse is the site selected. The park selected would eliminate the current open space, and allocate... View full entry

  • Chinatown Urban Cultural Center :: Boston, MA

    Thom Boessel
    Sep 17, '10 4:26 PM EST

    Site plan and Concept The site is situated adjacent to two historical districts - Chinatown and the Leather District. The asian people utilize the public fountain just north of the site, by putting their feet into the the faux stream filled black river stones. The leather district still has light... View full entry

  • BCN Sustainable Transport Center

    Thom Boessel
    May 23, '10 4:02 PM EST

    Architecture is a reflection of culture, and sustainable architecture is a reflection of a sustainable culture. From the beginning our team has discussed the importance of aiming to achieve not only and sustainable transportation center within a unique city but to create a unique urban experience... View full entry

  • Studio B-1 Boat House Project

    Thom Boessel
    May 23, '10 3:53 PM EST

    This boat house is for the primary use of the public. It should not stand as a monument to boat storage, but to accommodate those who watch the boats in action. I am trying to create the maximum seating and viewing areas of the water, while tucking the boat storage away. The experience of the site... View full entry

  • UCF Athletic Complex

    Thom Boessel
    May 23, '10 11:00 AM EST

    While walking down east plaza drive toward victory lane I noticed that it becomes difficult to recognize a clear path to the entry of the Baseball stadium. I could see clearly that the stadium sat behind this structure, but the direction was unclear as to turn left or right. In plan view it is... View full entry

  • Montclair University Sicily

    Thom Boessel
    Apr 22, '10 3:59 PM EST

    Architect: Christopher Janning View full entry

  • Villa Mairea Analysis

    Thom Boessel
    Mar 28, '10 4:05 PM EST

  • MOHO Modular Miami

    Thom Boessel
    Feb 2, '10 3:56 PM EST

    AIAS / Modular Building Institute: Miami Beach HotelTeam Members Thomas M. Boessel Nway Oo Robert R. Ortiz Mikkel D. StrømstadFaculty Sponsors Gabriel Bergeron Eric Nelson Moho is a new concept in the long-standing tradition of world-class Miami hotel design. Its dynamic form expresses the... View full entry

  • Sketch Problem 1

    Thom Boessel
    Feb 15, '09 3:53 PM EST

    My first sketch problem (charrette) at the BAC. I will be adding more pictures of my model in the next day or so. I have to finish up some more work before I have the time to get them prepped. Here is what I have done thus far. View full entry

  • Studio Cube

    Thom Boessel
    Feb 10, '09 4:24 PM EST

    I was asked to design a cube with 3 sets of "devices" and as an added requirement all edges had to meet properly. View full entry

  • Studio Model (Dream House)

    Thom Boessel
    Jan 30, '09 4:11 PM EST

  • Random Drawings

    Thom Boessel
    Dec 15, '08 4:29 PM EST

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