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    Taking a vacation!

    Nicholas Ng
    May 8, '08 12:02 AM EST

    Gosh, where to start indeed. For the past 5 years, I have been working non-stop, juggling between work and school is no fun at all. There are times where I wonder what a real architecture school-studio experience is like. Its hard to actually explain the situation here at the BAC, till you really experienced it. But it involves a lot of multi-tasking. And sometimes because you're doing so many things at once, the quality of work doesn't show through at the end.

    In any case, I've gained a lot of positive and negative towards the profession and the architecture scenery here in Boston, and I'm actually getting disgusted at it the more I look at it. I don't know what to say, but I can't really reveal too much information. You never know who reads the blog here and I'd know from past experience!

    So, all I have to say my time here at the BAC is getting closer to an end. If I pass my review this summer, I'll be starting on my thesis this fall semester. Now, that will be an interesting blog to write about.

    But before I do that, I'm leaving my firm and will be backpacking in most of Europe for the summer. I'll be hitting all the Scandinavia region at the first month, trekking my way up north to the arctic circle before ending my trip in the Mediterranean region of Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

    Till this fall semester, I'm signing off for the summer. Cheers.

    If anyone is interested in following my travel, I'll be keeping a live blog during my travels at

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    • e_bordenave

      yeah, I go to the bac and just found out one of my instructors (that I despise) is actively on

      May 8, 08 10:52 am

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