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    The Day After

    Nicholas Ng
    Sep 7, '04 11:57 PM EST

    The day after labour day holiday, oh so peaceful, no more moving traffic during the weekends, no more mattresses on top of cars blocking my view or worried that it'll fly off the car-roof at 60mph.

    This is Boston. Every year students with or without their parents make use of the holiday to help their kids move in. What a pain, having to deal with the traffic. Glad I don't drive in this town. Students still rule this town by the way, well except for the Summer when the town is almost half dead, especially with the T (train/subway/whatever you want to call it).

    Anyway, class starts today!! Yeah for creativity! Boo for sleepless nights! Wonder if I'll be blogging at 3AM and still be able to get to work?

    So 7.15PM, class starts. 7.15 is the majority for classes here at the BAC. The earliest eveinig class starts at 4PM. My roommate have a history class at 4 and the teacher was so bad that she just reads off the history text book. WTF?!

    Anyway, we have a new studio instructor this semester. Here he is. He seems nice. Gave a good first impression, got us to work on the first day of class though, after an informal roundtable introduction. There's 8 of us this year in our studio. That's a good size, but let's see if there'll be 8 little piggies left by the end of the semester.

    Our first assignment for the first half of the semester is to design an aviary in Boston. So we got a slide presentation on bird cages that night and the assignment in class was to sketch up an idea/concept of a birdcage. Not neccessarily a literal sketch of a birdcage but a concept on what a birdcage can be. That was interesting.

    This weekend is going to be a field trip to the site. Can't wait for that and hopefully the weather doesn't suck. Till then or till my next class which is Thursday. I have Form Z and perspective drawing.

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