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    First Week

    Nicholas Ng
    Sep 5, '08 3:15 PM EST

    Well, vacation is officially over! Compare to the other schools around the area, I'm not sure why the BAC classes begins so early in the term, and it ends later too! In either case, I'm happy to be in a Thesis prep class this semester, as it means I'm getting close to graduation each day. However, getting through thesis is another big hurdle at the BAC. I'm not sure how thesis operates in other school across the region, but here's a breakdown on thesis at the BAC.

    Total length: 3 semesters @ 16 weeks each

    What's required:

    1. Thesis Proposal to be submitted for approval by the thesis committee (This is prepared in the 1st semester) A studio is taken in conjunction with this seminar that deals with site analysis, programming, etc. Once our Thesis Proposal is approved, we can then head to Thesis I. However, there are a few things that we as student also need to have before heading to Thesis I. Firstly, we are required to find a Thesis Advisor (anyone who we've worked with in the past or any recommendations by the thesis committee). Secondly, we are also required to find a client for the project that we are about to build. This client has to be a real person, not just some random people you find on the street (although you could do that if the person you picked knows about your proposal). He/She needs to possess enough information on the specific subject that we proposed. For example, if one were to build a library, we need to find a librarian as a client, or anyone that knows about the library system.

    2. Once we have our thesis advisor and client, we're also required to come up with guest critics, structural and M/E/P engineers into our panel. Thesis I which begins in the 2nd semester deals with pre-design and schematic.

    3. Thesis II. Thesis II begins right after the schematic design is given the green light to move on towards further design development. This happens in the 3rd semester.

    4. Thesis Final Book. This is the most important book. No book, no graduation, no degree. It mainly holds the information and writings about our project, the process, questions and answers.

    And all those in the next 45 weeks.


    • Liebchen

      Seems very "realistic." Here's perhaps the opposite, at RISD.

      1. Thesis Board. An work installation art in model, drawing, full-scale construction or any combination thereof. Meant to provoke discussion with students and faculty concerning the direction of your research.

      2. Thesis prep seminar

      3. Thesis research

      4. Some kind of architectural-esq resolution of questions discovered over the course of prep and research.


      Sep 5, 08 4:58 pm

      Hey Nicholas, I am looking at BAC for the M.Arch program, and was wondering if you could answer a few questions. You're the first student I've actually found, and thought I'd jump at the chance to ask a few. I'll try not to bombard you...

      1. Do students actually make "good" money when doing the practice hours?

      2. When do students begin the practice hours? And prior to starting them, what does the class schedule look like? (ie. is there a strict academic 1st year or month?)

      3. Can you complete hours in the summer as well?

      4. Personal opinion of BAC?

      I suppose the biggest hurdle is that I actually didn't major in liberal arts for my bachelors, and have 0 experience with CAD and so on. Architecture has always been amazing to me, and I guess i just didn't think about it when applying for my undergrad. I have an Economics/Finance degree, but graduated with distinction in Mathematics. I was wondering if you know of people with similar academic history's that have been accepted by BAC.

      Really anything would be great...


      Sep 6, 08 7:36 pm

      Hey DougW, could you send me an email to Thanks.

      Sep 9, 08 10:45 pm

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