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    Thousand apologies...

    Nicholas Ng
    Dec 11, '05 12:10 AM EST

    Sorry about the "abandonment" of this blog for the past semester. I wasn't taking any studio classes this fall and didn't quite want to bore everyone with stories on history, structures and programming.

    Anyway, will be submitting my portfolio for review and the end of the semester, if I pass, and if this school blog project is still going on, I'll post some experience with the C-studio.

    For those who are unfamiliar with the school system, here's a breakdown of the reason why I'm not taking studio every semester and what's up with this portfolio scene.

    The curriculum basically breaks down to 3 segments. Each segment have their own credits requirement for each academic and practice component. Students need to pass Segment 1 in order to get into Segment 2 and so forth. For example: Students need to fulfill 39 credits (all the courses required/listed) and a minimum of 13.5 credit hours of practice and reached at least Level 4 (BAC Standard:Level 4=Entry level drafter) in Segment I.

    And the end of each Segment, before moving on to the next Segment, students are required to hand in a portfolio for review. After achieving a passing status on their porfolio, students can then take up classes in Segment 2.

    There are only 3 design studio available for Masters student in Segment 1, that's why this semester I've been mainly focusing on academic subjects.

    So there's a brief breakdown of the curriculum. For curiosity purposes, Segment 3 is the thesis section.

    PS: I was asked this question a few days ago. "How was your portfolio when you applied to the BAC? To be honest, I did not send in any portfolio. Funny thing for a design student not to have one isn't it. Anyway, they didn't require one as they have the same policy since the school started - anyone can get into the BAC. And I do mean anyone, however as I told the guy who asked me this, not everyone can get out of the school. I've seen students/friends dropping out/changing school right after their first semester. Not surprising at all for the Boston Architectural College. (Note: recent name changed)


    • StephE

      Did you obtain your bachelor from BAC? I'm considering attending the BAC, the only thing that really bothers me is the length of time, is it really 7 years and is there any way to shorten it? I spent one year at Western Michigan Univerity studying engineering, so when I transfer, I'll really just be a freshmen again. Do you have any opinions on this?

      Dec 14, 05 1:36 pm

      StephE: No, I did not obtain my bachelor from BAC, in fact, I don't have an architectural degree, just a BFA in Graphic Design.

      I think the Bachelors programme is 6 years and you have an option to get a MArch after that (if I'm not mistaken). The reason why it takes that long is because of the practice component. If you add IDP to any architecture degree programme, it adds up to 6-7 years. So the good thing is, you don't have to worry about IDP after you graduate because you ARE doing IDP while pursuing your architecture degree and you can take your registration exam after graduation.

      You might be able to transfer some classes from your engineering programme. That'll cut you some time.

      Dec 18, 05 10:29 pm

      Good Luck on the portfolio review! I graduated form the BAC a few years ago (yes! there are someof us who actually DO Graduate from the BAC) and I gotta tell you portfolio review was the most frustrating part of the process. Letting your future hang in the balance of three random reviews can be dangerous!

      I look forward to seeing your experience there

      Jan 6, 06 8:30 am

      I am a struggling student at the bac, I have failed the portfolio review and I have a final re-do coming up.. I was wondering if anyone on this blog lives in the cambridge/arlington area, looking to make some extra $ to tutor/help me get through this.. I don't have much time, so if you are interested email me at thanks.

      Dec 13, 09 12:53 am

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