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    Spring's least for this weekend

    Nicholas Ng
    Feb 5, '05 12:23 PM EST

    Remnants from the last blizzard are still piled up high in most streets here in Boston. However, temperature seems to be rising up to the 40s this weekend, hopefully it'll all melt away. Maybe preparation for the next blizzard, since we are getting another 6 weeks of winter? (according to Phil)

    So-my last post didn't get through, which was odd. (might be the browser I was using)

    Anyway, this semester was suppose to be a relaxing one, but found out I have more to do than what I had imagined. Classes I'm taking are
    Physics-(a fun class on a boring subject)

    Materials and Methods-Introduction to Building Tech-(The lecture part is the most boring ever. And with his written note projected on the wall, I can't even read it. It's all a blur! As for the drawing part, we have to trace and copy tons of drawing-all hand drawn-no CAD)

    and the last class-
    Structures-(it's a fun subject if only one of the 2 lecturers explains it better-but we'll see how I managed in this class for the next 14 weeks)

    Since all those classes are on Tue-Wed-Thurs from 7.15 till 10.15 and with me getting up at 6.00am and head off to work from 8.00 till 6.00 Mon-Fri - I will try my best to keep everyone up-to-date.

    Till later!

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