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    sketch or drawing?

    Nicholas Ng
    Apr 17, '07 10:30 PM EST

    A very simple question. What would you consider the image above to be? A sketch or drawing and why?



    • planX

      In specific terms I think it's a sketch. A drawing is a more ruled, formal graphic representation. Sketch implies something quick and freehanded. They can be used interchangeably, however. That is a nice sketch you have.

      Apr 17, 07 11:08 pm
      Carl Douglas (agfa8x)

      why? does it matter?

      Apr 17, 07 11:09 pm


      Apr 18, 07 12:41 am

      a sketch is a type of drawing.

      Apr 18, 07 4:41 am

      sketches seem to convey to me, loose ideas yet to be formalized and drawings indicate resolved thoughts...just me.

      Apr 18, 07 9:39 am

      What does it mean to you? (nice shading, btw)

      Apr 18, 07 11:25 am

      A drawing--is more Final, a sketch is more coneptual

      the aBOVE IS A SKETCH

      Apr 18, 07 2:02 pm

      It is a drawing. A Sketch seeks to capture solely relying on the inherent essence of the object. A Drawing seeks detail, precision. It seeks to reproduce, not interpret.

      Apr 18, 07 3:52 pm
      le bossman

      a sketch is a type of drawing, however it depends on the student.

      if that took you more than 15 minutes, and it represents your absolute best effort, i'd probably consider it a drawing if i was your instructor. however, because i assume you could do better just based on what i read from your hand [which seems to imply it was completed in a short time] i'd say its a sketch. in all honesty, a really great presentation drawing should take you at least a day by itself. this is not such an example.

      Apr 18, 07 6:40 pm
      vado retro

      its a sketch of a drawing.

      Apr 18, 07 7:41 pm

      Or a drawing of a sketch.....whoa!

      Apr 18, 07 7:49 pm

      thanks for the comments. i'm just curious of the differences between the usage of the two terms. but i see it as a sketch on my sketch pad. however if this was done in watercolor, oil or gouache with the same quality and competition, one could argue that it is a drawing.

      Apr 18, 07 10:50 pm

      I think it's a picture

      Apr 19, 07 1:37 pm

      sketch. i have my reasons.

      Apr 19, 07 2:42 pm

      Semantics. It doesn't matter. Call it what you want to call it. I call it Thomas.

      Apr 19, 07 7:22 pm


      it's a sketch.

      Sep 18, 08 12:36 pm

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