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    a love-hate relationship with ...

    Nicholas Ng
    Feb 21, '05 10:26 PM EST

    washington-dc and new york.

    i've stayed in dc for 2 years and visited new york more than 10 times now. going back to dc didn't change my relationship with her. it always have been a love-hate relationship between the 2 of us. as for new york, i'm still in a transtitional state with her, unsure of our future.

    cities fascinates me. the people, the architecture, the history, the culture and expererience it creates. downtown dc felt dead to me. walking down those long and wide avenue disturbs me. too politcal maybe?

    new york too have long avenues, however the tall buildings compliments it. it's funny and interesting that i felt more comfortable walking down those streets than dc.

    thoughts on those 2 cities?

    a visit to the gates last weekend left an impresssion that new york will always have its charm. as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.



    • David Cuthbert

      I too found dc very shallow. This especially coming from the Caribbean and dealing with locale metropolis'. The buildings were all very formal and even the public "interaction + intervention" spaces were ghostly - this from a place that claims a population of 2 million.

      Feb 22, 05 7:52 am

      As a native son of the DC-area, I feel I ought to mention that DC is usually more lively. Given that this weekend was a Federal Holiday, and that most people who work in this government town live in the 'burbs, I am not too surprised that it was dead.

      Also, the richness of the city is embodied in its residential areas and in tracing the lore of social institutions such as the Masons, the Cosmos Club and other quiet social circles.

      As for nightlife, I cannot recommend enough that you find it somewhere else. There has never been much nightlife in DC in my experience.

      Feb 22, 05 9:33 am

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