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    Nicholas Ng
    Mar 4, '06 1:10 AM EST

    Here's what I've been up to for the past six months...



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      p.s. can I ask if you did the 'poster' by hand in photoshop or have you discovered a nifty programme for laying them out with a gap?

      May 7, 06 5:26 am

      he! thanks! nearly forgot how i made this, but it's a combination between iphoto and photoshop. but iphoto is responsible for the "gap". there's a tutorial out there on how to do this, but you'll need to have a mac to use iphoto.

      however, i think the contact sheet function in photoshop cs will do the trick as well.

      May 7, 06 11:43 am

      darn, and there was me thinking I had conclusive proof Macs are not that great after all...

      looks like a fun life anyway ;-)

      May 8, 06 8:09 am

      hey thanks! those were trips from iceland, paris and london. they are all up on my flickr account at

      I'll probably be adding more when I go back home to Malaysia and my break to Istanbul.

      May 8, 06 10:01 pm

      that's funny, I didn't look closely enough, but you've taken many of the same sort of photos as I did when I was 'back home' in Iceland!

      Just be glad you weren't on the same Northern lights trip I went on, it was full of bloody idiots using the flash on their cameras to take pictures of the Lights!

      Sooooooooo bloody stupid!

      May 9, 06 8:59 am

      oh yeah...those stupid tourist. anyway iceland is a beautiful country, cold but beautiful indeed. i'm thinking of heading back there again, this time the north.

      May 10, 06 11:54 pm

      cool, do it, Akureyri is a very special town in the north, although there is more to see than you'll ever have time for elsewhere!

      May 11, 06 8:41 am

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