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    Video - GSD Conference on Design I: Liminal Objects - Design and the Museum

    By Lian Chikako Chang
    Nov 1, '12 2:00 PM EST

    Hi Archinect,

    If you're in areas affected by the storm, or have loved ones who are, all the best to you. To everyone else: back to work! Storm day is over.

    It has been said within our school that furniture, interiors, and design thinking--and dealing with these issues in a serious intellectual way as well as in a creative and productive one--are questions that may become more integral to the GSD's agenda in the coming years.

    Our school recently hosted a series of panel discussions and roundtables on this question, and here are the videos. I recommend them as explorations of possible future directions for this institution.

    (I haven't actually had a chance to see these yet, so do let me know what you think.)

    thanks for watching!


    GSD: Liminal Objects - Introduction, Design - in - Practice
    GSD: Liminal Objects - Design and the Museum
    GSD: Liminal Objects - Round Table

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    • Lian it's interesting to me that you grouped "furniture, interiors, and design thinking" together... The latter seeming to stand out of from the others. Any thoughts on that?

      Nov 5, 12 9:13 pm

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