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    My first project = your comic relief

    By Lian Chikako Chang
    Aug 20, '09 9:05 PM EST

    Ok, today was the second day of the digital skills workshop and up until this point, were were supposed to model the Rietveld Schroder House in Rhino, mess around fitting it into its site, and then do some interior renovations to adapt it for two occupants--a "misanthropic academic" and a more fun-loving artist.

    That was a pretty tall order for me. Like some of my other more technically challenged classmates, my original model was sadly incomplete and messed up, so I borrowed our instructor's model of the original house and just made renovations from this file. As such, my "renovations" consist of cutting a few walls, adding a few others, and punching a hole in a floor-plate. Nonetheless, I'm pleased enough that, for your enjoyment and my future nostalgia, I thought I'd post the results.

    Here's me figuring out my scheme.

    Here's the model in Rhino (if you're thinking "that's not so bad," remember, almost all of this is from the model our instructor made).

    Here's a plan of the first floor. woooohoo.

    Arright, gotta go work on my dissertation--it's due in 5 days. Thanks for reading!



    • ballyhoo

      hey lian,

      it's momo from the beer garden in brooklyn (same day as the OMA visit). that's cool you're blogging.

      good luck on your dissertation and first year!

      Aug 21, 09 7:04 pm

      "Misanthropic academic"... that's redundant, isn't it? ;-)

      I got your email Lian, and have been traveling and otherwise swamped with two deadlines (one writing, the other teaching). I'll respond once I catch my breath.

      Aug 21, 09 7:07 pm
      Joshi Pooja

      looks good

      Aug 25, 09 7:55 am

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