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    By Lian Chikako Chang
    Nov 19, '11 3:47 PM EST

    Hi Archinect!

    This is just a quick update as we head into our last few weeks before studio finals. Things are going well and I'm just buckling down to focus on representation techniques and the specifics of my design, so that things don't become a complete shit-show in December. I'm gonna hold off on explaining my design at the moment because hopefully very soon I'll be able to make some stuff that explains it visually!

    First off, some photos of our presentation at the BMW Guggenheim Lab back in September!

    [Michael and Marion took turns for the introductions.]

    [Classmate and fellow Canadian Tom Cakuls presenting his group's research.]

    [Classmate Brandon Cuffy summarizing some of the workshop discussions.]

    [It was a rainy day but the Lab still managed to draw a crowd. Here is a Lab facilitator running another session.]

    [And the Lab often has various games and props to engage the public.]

    I'm mentioning the BMW Guggenheim Lab now because we just heard that our final review will be filmed for them to share on their blog! If that's not enough pressure, our critics will be Felipe Correa, Keller Easterling, Kenneth Frampton, Paul Lewis, and Hashim Sarkis; and word on the street is that Scott Cohen and Dean Mostafavi will also be stopping by. We have an eighth pretty exciting critic who is still being confirmed.

    Production all over the Trays has been stepped up since midterms a few weeks ago:

    [Here is the first year studio space: it is full up of models and they have a month yet to go!]

    [And this is my desk. I started building a large site model, so I've propped it up and moved my monitor to my side desk so that I can still have some space to work.]

    [And here is a cutie: at my desk on Thursday morning, my critic got inspired and whipped out this little model for me in about a minute. We were thinking about how I can model the different kinds of plants and materials that will be recurring throughout the project in different configurations.]

    I have got a TON of work to do so I won't be around much on Archinect for the next few weeks, but that doesn't mean I don't love you!

    Thanks for reading and XOX,








    • that would be i imagine a pretty intimidating lineup for crit. plus such a public forum.....good luck.

      Nov 20, 11 10:00 am  · 
      Lian Chikako Chang

      Indeed...I really gotta work harder. Thanks, Nam!

      Nov 21, 11 6:46 am  · 

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