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    Out with the old, in with the new

    By Lian Chikako Chang
    Oct 3, '10 11:59 PM EST

    Hi Archinect!

    We did another quick charrette two weeks ago, studying a selected interior space for our community performing arts center. I chose the lobby, and was interested in how an interior space can set up a transition to, and experience of, the exterior.

    image (We were instructed to make "rough" models again and again, I took that suggestion seriously. Note that the scale figures seem to be happy with the space nonetheless.)

    image (A photo of my interior study model.)

    And all of this, well... this is so last week.

    image (Massing models, now obsolete.)

    Here's the current baby, three days old and already outgrowing her welcome:



    image (The smaller form on the left is the concert hall, on the right, the theater, and below these--within the plinth and close to the water (it's the harbor, just use your imagination)--is the school.)

    Tomorrow: figuring out a megatruss for the concert hall, and a circulation system that is "more figural, less dutiful." Things move fast around here. Hope I can keep up.

    Thanks for reading!



    • interpol

      that concert hall looks like a hungry hungry hippo

      Oct 4, 10 1:40 pm
      Lian Chikako Chang

      Haha! So it does. Those scale figures don't know what's coming.

      Oct 6, 10 9:53 am

      that gesture in the last image reminds me of this one project by snohetta you should check out:

      Oct 13, 10 10:38 pm

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