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    really advanced kindergarten

    By Lian Chikako Chang
    Nov 21, '09 11:35 AM EST

    Hello Archinect,

    On Friday, GSD alum Andrew Hartness brought a kindergarten class to the GSD. They toured the facilities, were greeted by Dean Mostafavi (who talked to them about Career Discovery!), and got a lesson from Andrew on the different orthographic drawing types (plan, section, elevation) and how they, together with models, explain a building. A few of us also got to present our "lodge house" projects, which, because of the familiarity of the type of gable-roofed house that defined our site, we thought would be accessible for mini minds. After the presentations, the kids drew their own houses, and Andrew collected the drawings with the aim of making a Rhino model based on them so he can plot out some drawings (and maybe even a 3D print) for them to keep in their classroom.

    Great fun!

    Thanks for reading,






    • i love this. thanks, lian!

      Nov 22, 09 7:41 am  · 

      that's amazing - curious about the comments you guys got about the designs. In school we were once told, although it evades me who said it, that we should make our drawings simple enough for a child to understand. I wonder if it held true

      Nov 22, 09 9:52 am  · 
      some person

      "mini minds"


      Nov 23, 09 9:46 pm  · 

      Wow. When I was in kindergarten our field trips consisted of going to the park... how times have changed.

      Nov 25, 09 12:50 am  · 

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