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    Edward Norton -- seriously??

    By Lian Chikako Chang
    Nov 30, '10 8:31 PM EST

    Hello Archinect,

    So, Edward Norton is coming to the GSD tomorrow to talk about social entrepreneurship with real estate developers Jonathan Rose and James Rouse. It seems that a large crowd is expected, as the events department is whipping out the protocol they used for GSD grad Shaun Donovan:

    NOTE: Individuals with a Harvard ID will be admitted to the auditorium first. If extra seats are available, the general public will be admitted. We will have at least two rooms with overflow seating and a simulcast.

    And I’m thinking: Shaun Donovan is the United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and Edward Norton is an actor. Do we all just rush off to gawk at someone just because they’re famous?


    Or because they’re giving us a photo-op of themselves “helping society”?


    Showing a little skin?


    Their curves?


    I mean, this is graduate school.


    It’s not a party.


    It’s not a game.


    (No really, it's NOT a game!)


    We’re not here to horse around.


    This isn't child's play.


    Architecture is serious.




    No, seriously!


    Thanks for reading!

    P.S. See more on Edward Norton at the GSD.

    Or, just gawk at his sexy pics.

    [Photos: Richard Meier at his model museum; Bill Clinton, with Chelsea Clinton and Paul Farmer and others laying the cornerstone at the Butaro Hospital in Rwanda (Partners in Health/MASS, image from MASS website); Frank Gehry’s IAC building in NYC; construction in progress from Preston Scott Cohen’s Tel Aviv Museum of Art (image is from Scott’s website); Gerard and Gabrielle Patawaran rocking Beer and Dogs; crowd reaction at the AsiaGSD Ping Pong finals; the Ping Pong finals; Theaster Gates; professors Mark Mulligan and Danielle Etzler testing the strength of their first-year students’ projects; PTW Architects’ Beijing National Aquatics Center, aka the Water Cube, in its current state; two of my models; and a souvenir hat being sold at Expo 2010 in Shanghai.]



      yes, people are pathetically gaga over celebrities. it's something i've never understood...

      this year, SIFF (seattle int'l film festival) awarded norton the golden space needle (promise, it's not a sexual reference), so he was in town for part of the festival. he introduced spike lee's 25th hour, which we were given tickets to (i'm a huge spike lee fan). the audience literally popped flash bulbs for a solid 5 minutes and he couldn't speak, and then intermittently throughout the 8 minute intro. it was tres annoying. just as annoying were all the idiots who busted out their cellphones to record it. ed talked about screening midnight cowboy with spike and the crew during the filming of 25th hour, and at the end of the screening, spike jumped up and yelled, "still a muthaf*cka"

      so naturally at the end of 25th hour, 8 different chodes jumped up and yelled, "still a muthaf*cka"

      it was the night i went from thinking seattle-ites were rational, intelligent and had a modicum of respect, to realizing that i was wrong.

      but spike lee is still most definitely a muthaf*cka

      Nov 30, 10 9:24 pm  · 

      Agreed, at least about the cult of celebrity.

      Everyone's entitled to opinions and interests. But those rare creatures on the receiving end of flashbulbs who consider their musings as more important than those of mere mortals? They rankle, and amuse.

      Dec 1, 10 9:54 pm  · 


      Dec 2, 10 8:41 am  · 

      Fight Club please

      Dec 3, 10 1:08 pm  · 

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