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    transformers and from a third world country/developing country, with love

    By kellynsee
    Jul 3, '07 9:23 AM EST

    from a third world country or the more politically correct term-- developing country, with love.

    as i was surfing the internet this afternoon i've come across this movie website called "black gold" ( ) and i suggest everyone watch it. it tells of poor countries who supply coffee to the developed country and tells us about fair trade etc.

    although it just gives a little peek as to what the movie is about, i just cant get over what the guy from ethiopa said: "we want your trade, not your aid"

    although it might seem like an ungrateful prick but what he said is true. we need developed countries to buy stuff from us at the fair price rather then making themselves look like the good guys by giving aid left and right but operating sweatshops all over the place. (hello, n* are you listening to us)

    on a happier note, i just saw transformers at this new mall (lazyboy theater seats have suddenly become the standard). i wasnt all excited when my friend told me that we'll be watching transformers because i really didnt want to see a movie about cars turned into robots (what story would come from that) but surprise surprise i couldnt stop raving aout how amazing the movie is. oh, and optimus prime is such a cutie pie. (just ruined the movie for all of you manly men hahahahaha.


    • great find kellynsee, and yes us developing nations are forced to make things at the same quality and standards but are offered far from premium the amount for it. The result is that it becomes difficult, nay impossible, to break the cycle.

      Jul 4, 07 5:46 pm

      i think it said something about removing the middlemen which is pretty smart but would removing the middlemen mean removing jobs from all those middlemen? thus bad economy or something.

      Jul 13, 07 6:58 am

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