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    By kellynsee
    Apr 2, '07 11:23 AM EST

    as i have already said before.. a typical schoolyear here in the philippines usually starts in june.. and ends in march. and as everyone knows i'm already in my 5th year and i'm graduating this year.. or shall i say i already graduated last friday!

    the graduation was held at the school grounds.. in front of the main building. at first we were complaining how corny it was that it was outdoors(it is sooo hot right now here you wouldn't want to go out in the afternoons) so it was pure torture that we had to be there at 4pm when the sun was out. and some were complaining how corny it was that it was being held at the school grounds since other colleges have it at the cultural center or some large auditorium.. but what the heck. it's way cheaper to rent and my parents havent been to my school.. ever.

    but in the end it was great. got to spend the ceremony with my family, my friends and my professors. the venue was amazing, they even had fireworks and everything! even though it was hot for the 1st part because it started at around 5pm but it ended at around 8.30pm so it was ok.. the cool night air and the stars were amazing with the lighting from the buildings around us.


    • archislave

      show some photos! I remember the fireworks. I think for most of the day I was out drinking with my buddies. congratulations! and good luck!

      Apr 2, 07 12:14 pm

      i had some photos ready but it won't upload in the archinect site! i;ll try later :)


      Apr 2, 07 12:56 pm
      vado retro

      congratualtions!!! you R the best!!!

      Apr 4, 07 7:56 pm

      hello, UST is still the best :), anyway good luck, happy to see a filipino student presence in archinect.. oh i graduated just last year on the same spot, very memorable indeed.

      Apr 6, 07 11:50 am

      vado retro: thanks!!!

      tadsthetadz: really? wow! glad to see another filipino here :) anyway, thanks!

      Apr 7, 07 2:04 pm

      Hello! I just came across this interesting site mainly because I was doing a search on some news about UST-Architecture. I'm a graduate of the college way back when it was still called CAFA and the college building was opposite the present college - with the Engineering (I know... ages ago). Your entry on the thesis deliberations took me back to when I did my thesis - Cayanan was my thesis adviser for the research component (1st semester of 5th year). I can't remember who my adviser was for the 2nd semester though. I remember Cory Cruz (she taught landscaping). Bonaobra, Alarcon, Reyes - are they still around?

      Congratulations on finishing and getting into grad school. From your previous entries, I can see that you take delight in "doing architecture". I myself went back to school to do research after some years in the industry practice. Postgrad studies took 4 years, finished two years ago and now back again in the industry (and part-time in the academe). I'm sure you'll love doing architecture in graduate school - and in Europe at that.

      Aug 2, 07 10:05 am

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