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    deliver me from evil.. or thesis deliberations

    By kellynsee
    Mar 4, '07 12:04 PM EST

    after 2 weeks of nothingness, i've decided to post how my thesis deliberations went. well i passed! got a 92.5 out of a hundred, surprised myself with my grade. (haven't told my parents yet) and decided to show off how it went.

    i was super stressed that day sooo i have no comments regarding skin condition and.... hair condition. hahaha

    full view with the jury staring at me with evil eyes
    now where did i put my parking plan
    yahoo! i passed!

    also, i would like to thank the whole archinect community for all the help, rants, raves, discussions and reality checks (oldfogey, myriam etc). thank you thank you thank you!


    • Arnaud M.

      Why do the reviewers have computers and a printer?

      Also, could you post images of your panels? It would be interesting to see what your project was about.

      Mar 4, 07 12:59 pm

      congrats nonetheless!!

      Mar 4, 07 2:10 pm
      cj w.

      cueto, cayanan, lee... interesting jury...

      Mar 5, 07 7:03 am

      cj.w: did you mean to say lucky? haha.

      thanks architechnophilia!

      arnaud: one time when i decide to scale them to a smaller size hehehe. i've been resting for a few days now and im having a blast :)

      Mar 5, 07 11:05 am

      oh and i forgot to add:

      arnaud: the jury had computers and a printer so while i'm taking about my project, they get to comment on an excel file. after im done talking they ask me questions regarding my projects and add more comments on their previous comments. after that they make me leave the room so they can talk about what grade they're going to give me and then they print out 4 sheets of paper, 1 for the final grading computation for each jury member and for the adviser.. and the rest explaining the grade for each jury member and all the comments they wrote while i was doing my deliberations.

      Mar 5, 07 11:10 am
      Arnaud M.

      I don't want to put pressure on your shoulders, take some rest and some time to have fun ;-)

      The jury seems to be pretty efficient, grading in real-time is something I've never seen before....

      Mar 5, 07 11:54 am
      cj w.

      lucky? maybe..

      computers for grades! wow finally this archaic college has upgraded!

      mimeographs were the standard before!

      Mar 5, 07 8:28 pm

      cj.w: id like to think i was lucky because i didnt get one of those evil mean professors with psycho grading systems. at least cayanan is like a mom(or a lola if you know what i mean :). lee is like a dad (he always calls me his "anak" <-offspring in tagalog with just 1 letter different from our last names) and cueto is like a nice grandfather! so even though they made comments, i took them all in stride because they werent really mean about it. it was really constructive criticism on their part and i'm thankful for it.

      oh and yes, the mimeographs before were so cool. hahaha. right...!

      arnaud: oh yeah i've been doing a lot of rest, watching every telenovela(tv soap operas here in the philippines) available on a certain channel. i didnt get to say that all the computers were linked to some main computer so when they punched in the grade on the computers the final grade for the thesis subject will already be inputted(is there such a word?) onto the main computer therefore less hassle for the encoders. ta-dah! amazing huh.

      the only problem i saw with this system was that (no offense!) some jury members were too old to learn how to use the computer just for this purpose so they had a lot of logistical problems regarding that and i think that they generally had a lot of problems with logistics because i saw some members of the thesis committee runing back and forth from room to room probably to check up on the grades. i dont know.

      Mar 6, 07 11:22 am

      Nice.. did you make a model for this?

      Apr 6, 07 10:21 am

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