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    monkey people

    By kellynsee
    Nov 1, '06 12:02 AM EST

    i was talking to my friend earlier and he told me the funniest thing. he was chatting online with some american and the american asked him where he was from. when he said that he was from the philippines the american was shocked to find out that we actually have internet connection in the philippines. i so don't wat to comment on that. funny though right?

    so let me say 1 thing, we, the people from the 3rd world DO have internet connection and other technological advances. it's just that not everyone has them at home or in the office. and not all of us live in the moutains. some of us do live in cities.


    • myriam

      oh man, that is so sad...

      Nov 1, 06 10:47 am

      Oh, you shouldn't feel bad about "us" (being a Filipino myself)...You should "pity" that person who has such a limited view of the world. Then again, you can't blame him. Back in the Philippines, especially to those who have never been to the U.S or have not had enough "exposure" to what U.S really is, America is all about the tall blondes, technology, clean streets and the place where all dreams come true. Little do they know that America is a melting pot of peoples and yes, there ARE homeless people and "remote" areas here and there....

      Nov 1, 06 10:53 pm

      caryatid: i dont feel bad about us thats why i foud it so funny. and yes, how true :)

      Nov 1, 06 11:04 pm

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