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    it's the end (of so many things)

    By kellynsee
    Feb 26, '07 11:01 AM EST

    after MONTHS of not blogging.. (sorry about that archinect), after all the stress has left my body.. after passing (yes! i even got a really really good grade) my thesis and after 5 years of blood sweat and tears..

    ..i'm entering my last week of architecture school. hopefully i dont screw up on the final exams.

    i'll be posting my acknowledgements next time. now i have to start thinking as to what i'm going to do for my future.

    as they say, this is it! my life is "finally" starting. no more being a spoiled brat, no more whining about bad service, no more relying on my parents if something happens. as of now, i am officially on my own.

    1st thing i'm going to do is learn how to drive.

    so here's to no more drivers!!!! here's to me becoming the person i'm supposed to be! i am so excited.


    • Asawari

      hey best luck for your last week....i know exactly what it is well

      Feb 26, 07 2:28 pm

      Wow..thats great. You should take a vacation. Architecture students deserve it. I'm treating myself to a New York trip for Spring Break.

      Feb 26, 07 6:06 pm

      funny sounds like me. I never actually got my license until the middle of my 4th year (4+2). Despite having "learnt" to drive years earlier. Architecture got in the way. Sounds familiar

      Feb 26, 07 11:13 pm

      architechnophilia: actually it was the public transportation here in manila that got in the way. our school is in the middle of a busy city and i got used to practicing my driving in the subdivisions here. so when i 1st tried to drive along the major road in front of our school.. the jeepeys (what they call some mode of public transportation here), bus drivers and taxis got in the way. :) got scared i might die in front of my school or something.

      mark m: yeahhh! i told myself i'll take a vacation but i cant seem to do so. something inside my head is telling me that i should be doing something. so im taking up all kinds of classes and activities (driving, scuba diving, golf, archery, ultimate frisbee, paintball, go kart) just so i have something to do. look for a hobby or something.

      asawari: thank you! i really hope i do well on our tests :)

      Feb 27, 07 2:12 pm

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