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    of laser cutters and 3d printers...

    By kellynsee
    Oct 21, '06 2:00 AM EST

    ....yeahhhhh we don't have that.

    as i was browsing through the archinect school blogs, i couldn't help but feel a wee bit jealous and amazed at all the cool stuff other schools had. i mean.. what? laser cutters? only businessmen use that for corporate giveaways.. 3d printers? i only saw that in discovery once! the only thing we have in ust is a plotter.. (take note, 1 plotter) that we can't use for free and the cadd room.

    the funny thing about it is, many are still complaining that they're school didn't get this type of printer or that kind of cutter.

    i guess its about us living in the third world that we do not get to see those kinds of things except during trade shows and discovery channel shows.

    although we did get to use some of the cool testing machines in school. and this was our closest thing to technology. they told us that this machine has been in ust for...... more than 30 years. i dont know.

    this is a UTM.. universal testing machine.

    wait for it, its going to get cool

    wait for it...

    that's it?! it just cracked?

    geez. and i waited so long for that.

    oh well! at least it's vacation right now!!


    • i know people who would be totally psyched over that...actually, I would be totally psyched over that. if the test was for some innovative structures...

      you should be glad dude. i am doing phd at the mo, so is not such a big deal to me, but at the school i am at now (ranked #15 in the world, somehow) has NO' EVEN A WOODSHOP, never mind a selection of printers, computers and 3d printers. we bring our own shit in to school if we want something special. but the kids still go off to work for sejima, toyo ito, and all the rest. somehow it doesn't matter that you only get to make models out of paper...

      Oct 21, 06 3:08 am

      Tools don't make the designer, though with all the hype surrounding rapid manufacturing tech (and other cg-design) sometimes it seems so.

      If you really want to play with these toys, or enjoy the fruits of their "labor' check out

      remember: there are quite a large number of designers that did interesting things before any of these tools existed (Frei Otto, Buckminster Fuller, Gaudi…)

      Oct 21, 06 1:08 pm

      Dont worry. I live in the first world here in the United States and our School still does not have either. So we use our own skills to draw make models. However, we do have a woodshop. You end up getting a better feel for the object that you are creating because you are actually making it yourself.

      Oct 21, 06 1:22 pm

      there are many schools in the us, that do not have 3d printers or laser cuters. And this is viewed as a GOOD thing.

      I never used one... our woodshop was pretty basic. And regardless of the lack of equipment, the undergrad of my alma mater is viewed as one of the best in us. So, don't worry 'bout it.

      Oct 21, 06 8:06 pm

      I know that guy doing a demo on compressive strength of concrete.... How come we didnt do that during my time... how are things going in UST? who's your thesis tutor?

      Oct 31, 06 10:44 am

      archislave: if you graduated from ust you have to know that guy! he's the hardest AS teacher to pass. and i did, through prayers and good luck. my thesis adviser is archt vruz, very very very nice lady. very forgiving. hehehehe

      to all the others: yeah i think that it's good that we never had any of those laser cutters and 3d printers but when i hear people talking about it (i met some people from MIT and they were all 3d printers and whatnot) i was so amazed because i thought that they were only stuff on sci-fi movies.

      oh and by the way, we don' have woodshop either. everything is self study.

      Oct 31, 06 11:54 pm

      As long as you have a 24 hour studio you will be fine. Our school kicks us out at 1 a.m. mandatory. Which sucks because we have to drag all our stuff home.

      Nov 1, 06 9:12 pm

      yeaaaahhhh 24 hour studios? we don't have that either. haha. everything is done at home.

      Nov 1, 06 11:04 pm

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