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    the whole world

    By kellynsee
    Feb 28, '07 12:39 PM EST

    ... is now open for me. while talking to a friend about career direction-lessness.. i just realized how wide the world really is.

    i think i have to explain a bit why i'm finishing school this week.

    here, school generally starts in june and ends in march. we have our semestral break during the whole of october, christmas break the regular time (last 2 weeks of december and 1st week of january) and summer starts end of march. since the school has to prepare for graduation and whatnot, graduating students usually start their finals really early (the undergrads will end their schoolyear mar 23) and our graduation is on mar 30.

    so anyway back to my slightly mundane thoughts..

    i just realized how my life isnt sectioned anymore into portions anymore by my parents. since there's no more school. there's no more 7 years of grade school, 4 years of high school and 5 years of college. now whatever i decide will carry over to the nothingness of my whole life and i cant just section it anymore and wait for a whole new graduation.

    the world has opened up itself to me and i'm too overwhelmed to take a step forward.

    now i know what people mean when they tell me how people in school have it so much easier!

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