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    UST professors have gone high tech!

    By kellynsee
    Nov 22, '06 10:29 AM EST

    i'm happy to notice that our professors have gone high tech.

    many(even the old ones-- no offense!) who doesn't look like they know anything about computers and the internet are actually surfing.. using their laptops in school etc.

    in a country where the percentage of people who use the internet is 9.1% and where about majority of the old people who refuse to accept technology is also huge (aka my dad, where's the on button in this laptop? where's the screen?) i'm happy to see our teachers accepting the use of downloaded material, emails and autocadd for passing our projects.

    thank you God of technology and the internet that you've finally blessed our school with teachers who are more than willing to learn.

    so if any UST professors are reading this, say hey! and tell me who you are. haha! so i can say hi back when we meet in the hallways.


    • archislave

      Is concio still the dean? I remember him hating the whole digital revolution.
      with everything going high speed, the need to take advantage of this tool is essential ,while on the other hand it is harmful when used inappropriately-pushing for the creation of seductive image rather than focusing on design content....

      Nov 24, 06 9:24 pm

      hmm.. i think that a lot of students are into the seductive image thing that you're talking about. believe it or not, i cringe at the sight of amazing structures from the outside but senseless on the inside. something that offer a sense of "wow" and continuity inside and outside just isn't what architecture is about.

      no dean concio isn't the dean anymore it's archit fernandez if you know him. dean concio was the dean when i was in 1st yr and 2nd yr.. i thinkkkk... i love him like a grandfather in school. i remember my 1st day in 1st yr of college and he was the 1st faculty member i met and the nicest person to me that day which made me feel totally welcome.

      Nov 27, 06 11:07 am

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