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    "architect's" block?

    By kellynsee
    Oct 31, '06 5:27 AM EST

    is this the right term for it? since it's like writer's block, but i'm technically not yet an architect so can i call it this or is it designer's block? i don't knowww :)

    does anyone ever get this? and how do you solve this? especially when you have something to pass in a few days?

    realized that i have nothing to do as i discovered that my cellphone can't text smiley faces. now that's bored.


    • my strategy has always been just to draw/make something. then you have something to which you can respond. especially if you hate it > you feel challenged to make it better.

      Oct 31, 06 7:01 am

      draw the site, again and again and again. draw the buildings surrounding the site. plans and sections of the site and surroundings. do a study model of the site with surroundings. finally, grab a bunch of cardboard and start cutting and pasting away. work in 3d [not drawings]. it'll be faster. then go back to your plans and sections and incorporate your 3d study.

      study your limitations. those always help: do you have roads, buildings, trees, traffic flows, whatever... that affect your project in any way? can you start by responding / addressing your limitations and turn them into a strategy?

      Oct 31, 06 3:40 pm
      Christian Hemrick

      i agree with both comments. just keep spitting out work. i'll pre-cut 15 to 20 pieces of trace paper, line up all my pens, erasers, ruler etc., turn my mind off and start drawing. even if it's a model in the final stages. i find sketching a lot, and quickly, tends to grease up the thought process. corrugated cardboard is good to if you really want that 3d look. it's cheap, and dries quickly

      Oct 31, 06 8:26 pm

      hey guys thank you for your comments, i have been doing the ddodling to death part but for some reason, everything comes ou wrong. i've never done the work in 3d thing but i'll give it a shot today. i have to stop just doodling because everything is due on the 6th. oh no!

      Oct 31, 06 11:49 pm

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