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  • working and red dots

    By kellynsee
    Aug 7, '07 5:16 AM EST

    following the advice of fellow architectors, i suddenly decided to work. yes. work as an architectural slave.. ehem.. i mean intern. and one thing i can say is, it is totally different from school. although i am still having loads of fun (trust me when i say this, FUN) and I am working at the best modern firms in the Philippines not as a cad operator but as a designer/slave. hahahaha. if you want to check out the office here's the website they're one of the only modern architecture offices here in the Philippines and i am so glad to be part of it. even if it's only for a month till i say goodbye to manila and study again in milan.

    just had to ask. how come there isn;t a red dot where philippines is?

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  • transformers and from a third world country/developing country, with love

    By kellynsee
    Jul 3, '07 9:23 AM EST

    from a third world country or the more politically correct term-- developing country, with love. as i was surfing the internet this afternoon i've come across this movie website called "black gold" ( ) and i suggest everyone watch it. it tells of poor countries who... View full entry

  • Bum and Grad School

    By kellynsee
    Jun 24, '07 12:50 PM EST

    from my previous blog entry i guess everyone already knows that i'm done with architecture. but surprise surprise i got a scholarship to study *again* (grad school) at thepolitecnico di milano in italy. This goes sooo into my plan of going to grad school and getting paid for it (i had nightmares... View full entry

  • graduation

    By kellynsee
    Apr 2, '07 11:23 AM EST

    as i have already said before.. a typical schoolyear here in the philippines usually starts in june.. and ends in march. and as everyone knows i'm already in my 5th year and i'm graduating this year.. or shall i say i already graduated last friday! the graduation was held at the school grounds... View full entry

  • of growing up and learning things

    By kellynsee
    Mar 10, '07 2:19 PM EST

    i am sooo happy my dad (finally!) allowed me to do things on my own. for the 1st time in my life he allowed me to travel on my own overseas to singapore next week. i'm not that excited about the trip per se but i'm really excited about the fact that i am now a trustworthy person. now i don't know... View full entry

  • deliver me from evil.. or thesis deliberations

    By kellynsee
    Mar 4, '07 12:04 PM EST

    after 2 weeks of nothingness, i've decided to post how my thesis deliberations went. well i passed! got a 92.5 out of a hundred, surprised myself with my grade. (haven't told my parents yet) and decided to show off how it went. i was super stressed that day sooo i have no comments regarding skin... View full entry

  • the whole world

    By kellynsee
    Feb 28, '07 12:39 PM EST

    ... is now open for me. while talking to a friend about career direction-lessness.. i just realized how wide the world really is. i think i have to explain a bit why i'm finishing school this week. here, school generally starts in june and ends in march. we have our semestral break during the... View full entry

  • archi-mafia

    By kellynsee
    Feb 28, '07 12:15 AM EST

    now that i have a ton of free time, i started to move my files from my pc and laptop to cds because both arent cooperating with me anymore. while doing my deletion i stumbled upon a project given to us last year in our professional practice class. it was to design a architecture portfolio with our... View full entry

  • it's the end (of so many things)

    By kellynsee
    Feb 26, '07 11:01 AM EST

    after MONTHS of not blogging.. (sorry about that archinect), after all the stress has left my body.. after passing (yes! i even got a really really good grade) my thesis and after 5 years of blood sweat and tears.. ..i'm entering my last week of architecture school. hopefully i dont screw up on... View full entry

  • very poetic/christmas-sy

    By kellynsee
    Dec 25, '06 6:23 AM EST

    living in a place where "cold" is never described with the weather.. there's something ironic about drinking hot chocolate all the time here. (it's just me, trust me) it's like drinking hot chocolate in my summer clothes. hahaha. so anyway as i was cleaning out my photos from my hard drive.. i saw... View full entry

  • tropical santa

    By kellynsee
    Dec 24, '06 12:16 PM EST

    i really pity the poor guy who had to wear a santa suit in this weather. but we were inside the hotel and it was cool inside anyway. haha. happy holidays everyone! View full entry

  • thesis endorsement

    By kellynsee
    Dec 16, '06 12:35 PM EST

    thesis endorsement day is over.. sleepless nights (yeah right) are starting for 2nd endorsement day for january. wheeeee it's a fun ride View full entry

  • christmas construction in manila

    By kellynsee
    Dec 2, '06 10:59 AM EST

    as i refuse to get stressed by thesis, i do a million things to destress myself. 1st of all i eat a ton now just to wake myself up. food here in manila is the best you'll ever find the world over. trust me, i've travelled a lot with my family and manila food is still the best. whether it's cooked... View full entry

  • never getting stressed

    By kellynsee
    Nov 27, '06 11:52 AM EST

    i just told my friend i don't get stressed. that doing my thesis is the most fun im having in all my architecture career and how i don't know why when they were doing their thesis they were complaining all day about not finishing anything on time. eek. i'm now stressed that i told someone i don't... View full entry

  • UST professors have gone high tech!

    By kellynsee
    Nov 22, '06 10:29 AM EST

    i'm happy to notice that our professors have gone high tech. many(even the old ones-- no offense!) who doesn't look like they know anything about computers and the internet are actually surfing.. using their laptops in school etc. in a country where the percentage of people who use the internet is... View full entry

  • grand time!

    By kellynsee
    Nov 22, '06 10:21 AM EST

    as everyone who reads my blog probably knows that i'm doing my thesis. believe it or not, i'm having a grand time. finally i now know that architecture is for me. making up stories regarding my building (as to what might happen inside) is fun to do and "creating experiences" for people is so much... View full entry

  • are there anyone from the philippines?

    By kellynsee
    Nov 13, '06 10:42 AM EST

    particularly from UST, UP and the other schools? (sorry i dont know any other schools!) if there are anyone from the philippines, i'd like to refresh this much asked question, what is filipino architecture for you? just curious. nobody's accepting my idea of telling the jury for thesis that the... View full entry

  • still and quiet

    By kellynsee
    Nov 10, '06 1:42 PM EST

    i love the stillness and quietness of 3am. keeps me alert. View full entry

  • 1st day of school!

    By kellynsee
    Nov 6, '06 1:11 PM EST

    it was our first day of school today after the month long semestral break. nothing much happened, just that no one showed up. great though because i got to get out of the house. and i got to do my thesis outside. the inside of my room isn't inspiring anymore! :) we had to pass something for thesis... View full entry

  • monkey people

    By kellynsee
    Nov 1, '06 12:02 AM EST

    i was talking to my friend earlier and he told me the funniest thing. he was chatting online with some american and the american asked him where he was from. when he said that he was from the philippines the american was shocked to find out that we actually have internet connection in the... View full entry

  • "architect's" block?

    By kellynsee
    Oct 31, '06 5:27 AM EST

    is this the right term for it? since it's like writer's block, but i'm technically not yet an architect so can i call it this or is it designer's block? i don't knowww :) does anyone ever get this? and how do you solve this? especially when you have something to pass in a few days? realized that i... View full entry

  • thank you for a much needed vacation!

    By kellynsee
    Oct 22, '06 1:36 AM EST

    as i was doing my thesis during the 1st few days of semestral break.. a thought came into my head. how i wish i could be doint this instead of staring at the computer. so i said to myself. why not? we don't have classes for a month, and even though i have to finish my thesis... i still have time... View full entry

  • of laser cutters and 3d printers...

    By kellynsee
    Oct 21, '06 2:00 AM EST

    ....yeahhhhh we don't have that. as i was browsing through the archinect school blogs, i couldn't help but feel a wee bit jealous and amazed at all the cool stuff other schools had. i mean.. what? laser cutters? only businessmen use that for corporate giveaways.. 3d printers? i only saw that in... View full entry

  • at night

    By kellynsee
    Oct 10, '06 9:14 AM EST

    it was one of those rare moments when AS (architectural science) class was cancelled. we were supposed to have a quiz that i didn't study for, and i'm petrified to death as i'm one of those people my friend calls "dyslexic in math" so we decided to get dinner instead as we were dismissed pretty... View full entry

  • basketball champions

    By kellynsee
    Oct 2, '06 9:31 AM EST

    basketball in the Philippines is like football in USA. it is the most important game of all the university leagues in the uaap. (university athletic association of the philippines.. i think) and the university of santo tomas just one another championship. i may not look it but i'm a closet ust... View full entry

  • finally, the pictures

    By kellynsee
    Sep 20, '06 12:26 PM EST

    sorry, i'm just starting with this blog thing. :) this is how our school is like. believe it or not, this is right in the middle of smelly, busy manila. and this is our building, architecture building that is. says a lot right? at night. the gateway to our school as they say. now that i know how... View full entry

  • my school

    By kellynsee
    Sep 20, '06 12:17 PM EST

    i'm sorry to make this short but i just took pictures of University of Santo Tomas and never realized how old it looked. great though! View full entry

  • timing is of the essence

    By kellynsee
    Sep 16, '06 1:54 AM EST

    this has to be done. on time and with beautiful words. i'm not talking about the blog. i'm talking about the thesis book. View full entry

  • not the usual

    By kellynsee
    Sep 7, '06 8:03 AM EST

    Unlike most schools around the world, we have been in school for 3 months now. We started school in June since that's the official end of summer here in the Philippines. As stated in my bio, I;m now in my 5th year in architecture and is currently doing my thesis. the only thing i can say about... View full entry

  • hello from the southeast asia!

    By kellynsee
    Sep 5, '06 10:09 AM EST

    hello architecture world from the beautiful country of the Philippines! (clap, clap clap) View full entry

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