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    christmas construction in manila

    By kellynsee
    Dec 2, '06 10:59 AM EST

    as i refuse to get stressed by thesis, i do a million things to destress myself. 1st of all i eat a ton now just to wake myself up. food here in manila is the best you'll ever find the world over. trust me, i've travelled a lot with my family and manila food is still the best. whether it's cooked japanese style, filipino style, american style italian etc etc.


    now that the dept of tourism has something to thank me for, i'd like to share how christmas construction in manila has started. since we are a predominantly catholic/christian country, christmas is big here. more on the traditions than with the santa and other trimmings department stores have come up with. but as of late, malls and dept stores have gone the western route and started to introduce santa to us devout catholics here. how santa goes into houses i don't know how since we do not have chimneys or heating here.

    gingerbread house contruction at gateway mall, cubao, quezon city, manila
    roof shingles of gingerbread house at gateway mall, cubay, quezon city, manila
    various construction methods

    happy holidays everyone!


    • myriam

      For some reason this really makes me want to visit the Philippines.

      Also, you are adorable!!!!! I like your haircut. Super cute. Watch out for those archinect men, now.

      Dec 2, 06 3:15 pm

      Pictures of people eating is usually not so adorable:

      The Patty Patty Patty kid made me stop eating cheeseburgers for awhile.

      Dec 2, 06 4:03 pm

      Re: Myriam's comment.. ^above^ you've got your first.

      Dec 2, 06 9:30 pm

      myriam: haha thanks! i was actually having haircut remorse (was so stressed out with design that i one day just stood up and got a haircut) and thought that i looked like a little boy (after my uniform asian long straight hair). and you have to visit the philippines! while a million websites tell you not to because of safety issues, those are all paranoid people thinking that we are hiding the alqaeda or something. nothing remotely exciting happens here. when you see the mall of asia i'm pretty sure that will make you want to visit us soon hehe.

      orequal: i'm not exactly surer what he's eating. but where i come from, burgers are usually.. a bun.. a patty and another bun. although some really good burger chefs came up with putting everything on burgers. bacon.. cheese.. onion rings... salsa... wasabi... i'll post more on that next time. and.. he looks like he's not enjoying his food. which is so wrong. food is life. hahaha.

      ailiech: thanks!

      next time i'll post more architecture-y hehe

      Dec 3, 06 2:49 am

      The link to that story is dead somehow, but he ordered a 16x16 (16 patties and 16 slices of cheese) at In-n-Out. Then he gorged himself while someone took photos. Really incredibly disgusting. I assume that he had a mild heart attack afterward.

      Anyway, myriam started it...

      But I do like reading this one.

      Dec 3, 06 7:53 pm

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