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    not the usual

    By kellynsee
    Sep 7, '06 8:03 AM EST

    Unlike most schools around the world, we have been in school for 3 months now. We started school in June since that's the official end of summer here in the Philippines. As stated in my bio, I;m now in my 5th year in architecture and is currently doing my thesis. the only thing i can say about thesis? i'm having a ball.

    odd huh?


    • strlt_typ

      so, what's your thesis about?
      three of my brothers and my sister went to brother was a fine arts major, he dropped out and didn't graduate...the other two graduated from electronics engineering and sister in accounting...i have an aunt who taught mathematics there also...
      you gotta post pictures of the house patios converted into bars...

      Sep 20, 06 6:36 pm

      house patios converted into bars?? i dont know anything about that? my thesis is to design a fashion and beauty luxury district in manila..

      Sep 21, 06 12:42 am

      i'm curious what your design is for this just seems exclusive to have some kind of high end economic district in what it has right now...but i'm not really sure what the current condition just seems that, to me at least, we should engage the "true" population of manila...not the rich but maybe the poor...i've noticed with manila that it is so polarized...the middle class is barely existent...they're there...but from my impressionist point of notice the ultra rich chinese business people to the poor what mike davis said about los angeles...los angeles is about the latino cumminity...the down and dirty shops in downtown los angeles and mac arthur park...that is what's driving the true los angeles...the latinos are the one using the public parks...riding the public manila, it is driven by the people riding the jeeps, eating at the sidewalks, etc...not the developers building shoemarts all over the design something for the higher class (outsiders) seem to negate the true culture of filipinos...i don't know...i guess your stance is to design for what is there...but this blog really gives me a nationalistic boost...and when i think about our nation i think about the poor, that is just so prominent in manila...what will the luxury district do for manila or the country?...

      please post pictures...i'm interested...

      p.s. as far as the house patios...i heard from my friends who went to UST...the hang outs are the residential spots around the school...the front patios are converted to bars where you can just chill and get beers...

      Sep 21, 06 2:27 am

      by the way...i use to pass by this when i was a kid...i'm realizing now how dope this shit looks...

      Sep 21, 06 2:32 am

      dammson: i believe that it is important to remeber the people who actually live in manila.. like what you said.. the ones who use the public transportation and the public buildings. but so much have been said about manila being poor dirty and ugly. by designing something like this, a luxury district, it makes manila more cosmopolitan in the eyes of the global market. everyone has told me what an elitist project this is but i dont think it is. (although the luxury part is a dead giveaway) by showcasing the filipino talent in fashion and beauty and by mixing it with the other high end products of the world.. i think that that is just one reason to make the filipinos shine in other aspects.. other than being poor.

      sorry i can't post pictures yet as i'm still in the researching phase. although i have some sketches! the design will be of a fashion outdoor mall with a jewelry center and a hotel at the fort bonifacio global city in taguig.

      Sep 21, 06 2:35 am

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