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    thank you for a much needed vacation!

    By kellynsee
    Oct 22, '06 1:36 AM EST

    as i was doing my thesis during the 1st few days of semestral break.. a thought came into my head.

    how i wish i could be doint this instead of staring at the computer.

    so i said to myself. why not? we don't have classes for a month, and even though i have to finish my thesis... i still have time, right?

    or so i thought.

    the day we came back to school to meet our adviser for our sem break assignmets.. i was shocked (well, not really) to find out that we had a ton of assignments to do for our thesis and a million revisions on the thesis book.

    after much contemplating.. i decided to just go ahead with my vacation. but then, i just realized i didn't have money for plane tickets, hotel room and everything that came with going to the best beach in the world.

    suddenly it occured to me. i dont go to the mountains as much anymore. so i thought hmm. why not work there? do my thesis where i am "one with nature" so to speak. so i packed my bags, left with only my laptop in hand and one thousend five hundred pesos in my pocket (i computed.. its equivalent to 30$) and decided to spend a few days in the mountains.

    and was i refreshed!

    i stayed at our place (so no accomodation cost) and they had recently renovated it into a spa. and it was the greatest idea my family ever had. take note, they didn't hire anyone as the architect. one of my aunts just pointed everywhere and told carpenters what she wanted.

    the "pavillion"

    massage/sleeping in the afternoon area

    sshh.. i told my mom i'd be doing my thesis. but i had one of the local ladies do my nails. i can't work with ugly nails!!

    still havent opened my computer...

    finally decided to work..

    what work?

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