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    of growing up and learning things

    By kellynsee
    Mar 10, '07 2:19 PM EST

    i am sooo happy my dad (finally!) allowed me to do things on my own. for the 1st time in my life he allowed me to travel on my own overseas to singapore next week. i'm not that excited about the trip per se but i'm really excited about the fact that i am now a trustworthy person.

    now i don't know who i can bug in singapore. heard shopping is good there. but it's also good here.

    i've been to a ton of beaches here in the philippines and went abroad with my family for family vacations but i've never travelled alone. ever. so cool right? although i'm meeting my boyfriend for a few days and staying with family.... i'm still alone. slight. haha. oops. well my parents didnt come along right?

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      Mar 12, 07 7:51 pm

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