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    thesis endorsement

    By kellynsee
    Dec 16, '06 12:35 PM EST

    thesis endorsement day is over.. sleepless nights (yeah right) are starting for 2nd endorsement day for january. wheeeee it's a fun ride


    • strlt_typ

      so what's thesis endorsement day? many people attend?...what's the format?...where does this take place? it fun?

      Dec 16, 06 3:31 pm

      Goodluck...Who's your prof?

      god forbid you're under the bulldog

      Dec 17, 06 10:04 pm

      my prof is archt cory cruz.. who's the bulldog? haha

      dammson: i'll post a diff post as to how thesis works here in the philippines. it's a whole fun process.

      Dec 18, 06 3:44 pm

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