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    Bum and Grad School

    By kellynsee
    Jun 24, '07 12:50 PM EST

    from my previous blog entry i guess everyone already knows that i'm done with architecture. but surprise surprise i got a scholarship to study *again* (grad school) at thepolitecnico di milano in italy. This goes sooo into my plan of going to grad school and getting paid for it (i had nightmares of studying in the US and with all those newscasts about student loans are just scary-- we get today show here hehe)

    so after almost 4 months of enjoying my freedom of not working, travelling(i did the asian tour thing that i planned earlier) helping around with the family business(that sounds so mafia-ish) and basically just having fun, i've again turned my back on the real world and just went back to school.

    i really hope i made the right decision. i mean, how many chances do i get to explore europe for free(technically) right?


    • Congratulations Kelly and thanks for sharing the news. The best advise I ever recieved was that at some level you should be paid to go to school, and it seems you are doing just that. Best of Luck

      Jun 24, 07 1:53 pm

      So what's the family business if not the mob/mafia?

      Jun 24, 07 2:31 pm

      congrats! very cool.

      you italian descent (hence the family bizness thing) or are classes taught in english?

      Jun 24, 07 9:41 pm
      Arnaud M.


      Jun 24, 07 10:45 pm

      architechnophilia: thank you! and our "family business" is in selling and manufacturing paints, waterproofing materials and un-hackable expensive cellphones for politicians and military personnel. haha. i'm just helping my dad with the accounting at our office. he told me that since i'v graduated from college i should learn the ropes of his business, never mind that it's so far off what i took up in college.

      jump: nope im not italian descent but of chinese lineage. and yup classes are taught in englsh but i am doing my best to start learning the language so as not to get lost at the airport when i arrive. i guess the mafia/mob recognition came from watching the sopranos here in hbo.

      arnaud M: thank you!

      Jun 25, 07 5:11 am

      i forgot to add, another one of my fine contribution to my dad's business is i help him with the product presentations especially with the waterproofing and tile grout products. hahaha. :)

      Jun 25, 07 5:13 am

      awesome kellynsee! congratulations, i'm sure you'll have a great time in Milan. and learning italian really isn't so hard. maybe you can get rosetta stone or something to learn the basics before you go. not the cheapest, but probably a good investment...

      Jun 28, 07 10:04 am

      have you considered the option of postponing your studies? You sould like someone who could benifil IMENSELY from a little expirience actually working in architecture (from you previous posts regarding hireing a structural engineer for your thesis). Working would allow you the perspective to determine whether architecture is really for you, before continuing with your education. Also, by taking the time to expieience working, it is likely that you will be a much stronger student than you are right now... even very talented students can burn out, and it is good to have the reality of the working world to refresh your optimism for returning to school.

      congratulations, good luck!

      Jun 29, 07 1:22 pm


      Jun 29, 07 1:22 pm

      thanks AP! :) i already bought cds teaching italian hehehe. so hopefully i'll lean a bit.

      tumbleweed: almost everyone have already told me that i should postpone my decision and start working even way before i started applying. but having worked for awhile during summers has made me realize that this is the only way for ME (im not saying that this is how everyone should go about their careers) because:

      1. im sure youve heard of how asians get all the work from outdourcing right? well it's semi true. if i start working here, i get paid around 8000-10000pesos(around 170-200$) a month for doing caddwork where all of my friends tell me they feel like machines and not people.
      2. there is no room for development here if i start working here. for me it is more important to learn more about other cultures and become a better architect by studying again than becoming a slave to all the outsourcing jobs here where im from.

      and i forgot to update everyone regarding the structural engineer. what a waste of money. i paid him 5000pesos(around 100$) to do the cadd work for my structural details and he showed up with substandard work at the last minute. lesson learned the hard way because i had to re do everything since he didnt follow my instructions and did everything his way although it didnt fit with the design. oh well. i was actually overthinking everything and hired a caddmonkey when in actual i didnt really need him

      Jul 3, 07 7:27 am

      another thing i forgot to add.. it's not the same here as in other countries where people embrace their own cultures. i actually want to go to other places to see how the other side lives. i believe that it'll help me to grow as an architect. i can work after i study but i dont think i'll have time to study again (for free at that) when i start working. that's just me. some people make time for it but i just want to get all the studying over with before i get ready for the real world

      Jul 3, 07 7:30 am
      cj w.

      i agree with tumble weed...

      Jul 3, 07 8:59 am

      i guess that depends on what you want to do with your life. :) it's totally different to work where im at that probably where you're at. anyway im happy and i feel confident about my decision.

      Jul 3, 07 9:37 am

      oh and thanks tumbleweed for the congratulations and goodluck! if any of you decides to come and visit milan at the time im going to be there dont forget to look me up! :)

      Jul 3, 07 9:38 am

      I guess I can begin to understand your perspective, that by attending a foriegn school you are removing yourself from a sub-standard job pool, and that is good. Do take advantage of your situation... School is not something to 'get over with', but enjoyed. That is why I was reccomending working, because you would then have the perpective to truly appreciate how fun academia-land can be. I guess that you have made the decision that is best for your, and your opportunities at this place/time... but I would like to stress that you really need to enjoy your time at school (literally, the time that you get to work on your projects, the way you want your projects to behave) because once you are working you will wish you could go back.

      Waiting to go to school is like keeping candy in your pocket for as long as possible, once you decide to eat the candy, you will remember what it tastes like, because of the anticipation.

      have fun!

      Jul 3, 07 2:55 pm

      tumbleweed: sorry for the wrong terminology haha! (get it over with) :) i live in a place where well.. (i have no excuse, 1 out of 3 filipinos speak english) hahahahahaha. but yeah actually ive worked summers and it really felt like a factory for me. so im pretty sure id have more fun studying than working. also, knowing myself id never go back to school after im done with everything i want to study.

      im not actually removing myself from the sub standard job pool but i guess i want to learn and live at a place where art and culture are part of the daily landscape. not to diss my country but all we have are amazing malls at the moment. well in the city anyway. the provinces are chock' full of untouched natural beauty (id like to think that id be developing most of them someday) do come by one day if you have vacation time. those travel advisories to come here are just a load of bullcrap.

      Jul 4, 07 4:52 am

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