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Dec '04 - Aug '06

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    Bartlett U22 Website 2006

    By Christopher Daniel
    Aug 1, '06 9:45 PM EST

    Right. It's finally done. our unit website has been updated with another year's work.

    In the end I wasn't able to get the site up and running in time for the Bartlett summer show. I reckoned I'd get it up the next week. I really should have realised how difficult it would be to get everyone to send me more of their work once they were all scattered around the globe, some working, some on holiday.

    Anyway, I've now given up chasing the last two peeps (you'll notice the ones with no project info). The site now has a whole bunch of work from everyone else, though.

    Everyone please go take a look at it HERE. Let me know what you think. I really hope we don't run out of bandwidth like last year!

    Unfortunately if anyone discovers any broken links there's not much I'll be able to do about it for quite a while as I'm off on holiday on Thursday. Woo-hoo! Thanks to everyone who's been giving me such good travel tips on this this thread.


    • Christopher Daniel

      Oddly enough, my favourite part of the site is the fact that our show was sponsored by a company that makes Star Wars props! See if you can spot which one they are on this list:

      They kindly let us use their studios for making a bunch of custom light fittings.

      Aug 1, 06 9:54 pm

      More beautiful work - congratulations to you and your fellow students

      Aug 2, 06 7:38 pm

      chris, without a doubt the work that comes of Bartlett is simply amazing...

      Aug 3, 06 8:04 pm

      the website can not be explore. is it a technical problem or deleted?

      Aug 4, 06 12:49 pm
      Christopher Daniel

      Thanks for the kind words, people.

      Greenray: I just took a look at the site. Seems to be working fine in Safari on a Mac in the Park Ave Apple store.

      Maybe try it again?

      Aug 5, 06 3:24 pm

      Very nice as always - quick question - do you use a program to lay out the html or do you write it yourself?

      p.s. plain html sites are so much better than flash!

      Sep 3, 06 8:29 am

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