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    Bartlett Summer Show 2006

    By Christopher Daniel
    Jun 19, '06 9:24 AM EST

    It's that time of year again. How the months fly by when you're working your arse off, eh?!

    The Bartlett summer show starts this Friday night, 23rd June. All the details are here. Friday night is the big open social night with much drinking and chatting and generally being happy that it's all over for another year. This is what it looked like last year.

    At the moment we're all frantically trying to get everything ready for tomorrow morning when we'll be allowed into the Slade Gallery to start installing our work. I'll try to post photos of the build here as it happens. There're already some pics there.


    My main responsibility is updating/building this year's entry on our website, I hope to have it done before the show opens, or at the very least by next Wednesday (the night of the private view for loads of architects who might like to employ Bartlett graduates!).

    One thing I'm currently worried about is bandwidth and making sure that the website stays up in it's first few weeks. Last year we had the (very pleasant) problem of getting so much traffic that we exceeded our monthly limit in about 3 days. At the moment the site is on a small server belonging to a friend of mine. If anyone has any hosting suggestions, please let me know!

    Also, if anyone works for a company that would like it's name associated with a Bartlett unit, please get in touch! Setting up the show is an expensive business, especially after a year of living in London and all the expenses of buying computer and modelling supplies. Any money or help or free stuff would be very gratefully received!

    In exchange for any assistance (financial or otherwise) your company/firm/organisation/whatever gets a nice big logo on the front of our display area and a permanent link on our website (last year's sponsorship page looks like this).

    I really really hope to get deluged with offers after this....

    In the meantime it's very hard to get on with work while there's so much football on TV. Luckily the BBC have live updates on their website which allow me to make sudden rushes for the TV to watch goal replays. Anything else would just be excessive.

    All are welcome at the show. There'll be loads of great work to look at, be amazed by or absolutely hate (depending on your taste and which unit you're looking at). At the very least the whole thing will generate a lot of arguments and discussions, which is half the point anyway.



    • WonderK

      Chris, I do remember last year's show, it was really impressive. Unfortunately I have no bandwidth to give you but good luck with it, I'm sure you'll do well! How long does the physical exhibition last?

      Jun 19, 06 10:17 am
      Christopher Daniel

      The exhibition is on for a week. It closes at 6pm on Friday 30th June. All details are here:

      If you're in town make sure you come along, even just to sit on the grass and (hopefully) drink beer in the sunshine.

      Jun 19, 06 10:24 am

      I know this is really vague, but do you know a guy called Brett that is from australia? he left my uni to go study at Bartlett

      Jun 19, 06 7:32 pm
      Christopher Daniel

      Errr... no, I'm afraid I don't.

      There are two main courses here (3-year degree and 2-year diploma) with about 100 students in each year. That's a whole lot of architecture students.

      I'm in the 2nd year of my diploma (5th year overall) in a unit of 16 students. I work from home so apart from the 15 people in my unit I don't really know many people in the school.

      It's not been a particularly social 2 years!

      Jun 19, 06 7:38 pm

      Best of luck with the show Chris, it was very impressive last year, I certainly wish I could have an audience for the archi-moves I like to make, (one based in a train station last year was particularly good) but nobody up here in Scotland seems to care, maybe it´s the grim weather...

      Look forward to the new website!

      Jun 22, 06 3:00 pm
      the silent observer

      Hey chris...dropped by the show...Unit 22 work was really was everything in general. You guys put in an amazing amount of time and effort, and it definitely paid off!

      Jun 25, 06 1:26 pm
      Christopher Daniel

      Thanks, dyee.

      You're right, there is an obscene amount of effort put into the show.

      This year I particularly liked Unit 20 (the black wall opposite us with the Gaudi-esque 3D-printed models) and unit 17 (with some models that just made me want to give up architecture and work full time in a petrol station).

      Our display turned out ok, I think. I'm a big fan of the light fittings. The main disappointment (I think) was that we were given a space that was essentially the left-overs around the box unit 23 made last year. As a result we were constantly having to change our ideas according to how they wanted their box to be positioned. I think next year people will be asking to have their own space again. I think it's actually better to have a smaller autonomous space than a larger wall that requires a running battle with other units...

      Anyway, it all turned out ok and I'm glad you liked it!

      Jun 27, 06 12:20 pm

      Any photos of the exhibition? I ask as directly but politely as possible ;-)

      Jun 28, 06 8:55 am
      the silent observer

      Chris...I kinda understand your feeling about seeing the work and then giving up...LOL, imagine that I have two more months to try and meet the standards that were pressure, right?

      Jun 29, 06 7:27 am

      Hey Chris
      I´ve really been enjoying your pics, here and at Flickr. Nice to see what I can expect when I start at the Bartlett next year!

      Jul 27, 06 12:38 pm
      Christopher Daniel

      Now that I think about it, we didn't actually get any pictures of the exhibition. Quite an oversight really!

      There'll be a few pictures on the updated website (I'm just about to post a link in a new thread).

      Aug 1, 06 9:38 pm

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